Chapter 01: Uncertainties

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Allan opened his eyes to a gunmetal gray ceiling.

He was lying on his back. It was something he wasn't used to doing. Normally he slept on his left side, but since he'd started his recovery several months ago, regularly visiting a trained professional and taking some mood stabilizers and anti-depressants, he found himself sleeping on his back more often than not. He'd been thinking it over and the closest he'd come to an answer, at least for himself, was that when he slept on his side, it was almost an unconscious, natural defensive posture. Sleeping on his back meant he didn't feel threatened by...

Well, by everything.

It also coincided with the fact that he was sleeping better than he had in his entire life. He was actually feeling well-rested. It was honestly really nice. He hadn't realized what it was like to have a series of decent, full nights' rest.

He was feeling better than ever before.

Consequently, he wasn't really having nightmares anymore. Or, if he was, he wasn't really remembering them. They still popped up from time to time, (he knew he would never get over the harrowing experience on Lindholm, the killer or the decision he had been forced to make), but they were much more manageable.

Someone shifted in the bed beside him.

Startled, Allan glanced over. He saw Callie laying there, facing him, still asleep, her breathing smooth and regular. What was she doing here? Last night was supposed to be her night with Greg. According to the plan, Eve was going to spend the night in someone else's cabin and Callie was going to spend the night in Greg's cabin. Allan had briefly considered going and seeing if anyone else was up for some sex with him, but he'd been training hard all day and he was exhausted by the time 'night' had fallen on the Dauntless.

So he'd just gone back, showered and fallen into sleep almost immediately.

What had gone wrong then?

Although the relationship had been going on for a couple months now, both Callie and Greg, (mostly Greg), were still occasionally weird about it. Allan always did his best to smooth it over. Technically, most of his experience with open relationships was the kind where both people just had sex, either one-night stands or consistent friends-with-benefits sex, with other people. Sometimes separately, sometimes in threesomes, (or foursomes). But he'd also had experience with the other kind, where either he or his partner, sometimes both, had a more serious relationship with someone else beyond just sex.

Despite all his trouble growing up, all his misgivings towards life, for some reason, jealousy had just never really been a problem with him. And since he was able to push past that with extreme ease, it was simple enough to assess whether or not he trusted his current partner enough not to leave him for the other person. And he trusted Callie. He liked both her and Greg, and wanted both of them to be happy.

God knew that all of them had been fucking miserable for enough in their lives, so why not find happiness wherever you could?

But he knew things weren't going well for Greg right now, either.

He wondered if that was what had led to Callie's unexpected presence. He rolled over and glanced at the clock on their nightstand. It was just past seven in the morning. Well, Allan knew he wasn't getting back to sleep. He'd hit the hay early last night and now he felt rested, refreshed, and recharged, ready to face the day and whatever it had to offer. As he sat up and stretched, feeling a few joints pop, Callie woke up.

"Hey," she said softly, still very sleepy. She reached out and ran her warm hand up and down his bicep. "How you doing?"

"Fine. How about you? Thought you were going out for the night," he replied, smiling at her and taking her hand. He brought his thumbs to her palm and began to massage it. It was something she'd taught him and she really enjoyed having it done to her.

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