Chapter Four: Unexpected Events

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Chapter Four:Unexpected Events

Phoebe stares at the girl with aqua hair. She looks intently at her as if she said nothing wrong.

"Wait, no. That can't be true... Kevin hates land. He wouldn't be out there!" Phoebe says incredulously.

"Well he was at the Aquaccipine War. He had signed up for the military. After the war, they found his body on the shore. It was a year ago. How did you not know that? It was all over the news," the girl says wondering why Phoebe hadn't been watching.

"I only watch the gossip channel... So it's true? Kevin's... dead?" Phoebe swallows tears to keep from smearing her mascara in front of everyone.

"Yeah. Did you know him?" she says, cocking her head to the side.

"Um... Yeah. He was my-my best... friend," Phoebe says biting her lip to hold the tears in.

"Oh. I'm... I'm so sorry. You poor thing," she says putting a hand on Phoebe's shoulder while looking genuinely concerned.

"I need t-to go... Thank you for, er, for telling me," she sniffs walking away as the door shut behind her.

As she walked out of the complex, her walk became a run. She didn't even know where, but she just ran. Block after block passed her while tears threaten to come out. She ran as fast as she could, trying to leave the complex behind her. She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry, she wanted to curl up in a ball and sulk. When she didn't keep track of her footing, a bench leg caught her off guard.

"Oh. Hello there," says a male voice. When Phoebe looks up she sees she tripped onto the park bench and was resting her head in a man's lap.

"Tyler! Oh I'm so sorry!" Phoebe pushes herself off his lap with yet again, a little disappointment.

"Phoebe? Why were you running?" he turns to take Phoebe in. Phoebe guessed he must have seen the dismay in her eyes, "Are you okay? What happened? You can tell me," he says, giving her a sympathetic smile.

"I-I..." Phoebe says trying to get words out.

Tyler puts his hand underneath her chin, making Phoebe shudder, her head racing.

"It's okay, Phoebe. You can tell me. I'll comfort you if you need it. You look so sad. What happened, Phoebe?" he says with concern in his voice.

"I can't really talk about it... I can't trust myself to not cry," Phoebe says putting her head down onto his chest. He wraps his strong arms around her, putting his chin on her head. Finally, she let the tears break free.

Tyler holds the girl he had only met yesterday. She was so sweet. She smelled like soap and flowers. Her hair tickled his bottom lip. She cries into his shirt while he holds on tightly. Tyler had never seen a Pretty show weakness, let alone cry. Phoebe was different from the other Pretties. She hadn't tried to seduce him like every girl had when they saw him. She actually had talked normally to him. He sort of... cared for this one. The others he used to get something from them. Phoebe? He actually wants to love on someone for once in his life.

When he looks at her she's still shuddering, choking on her sobs, but a little less extremely. She cuddles closer against his chest, tugging on his dog tag. A passerby slows down to observe the scene, but shakes her head to keep on walking. Tyler had no idea why Phoebe was crying, he wanted to know to get rid of it, but he had to respect her privacy.

"My best friend that I hadn't seen in four years... He's dead," she says biting her lip in emotional pain.

"Oh, Phoebe... I'm so sorry... I wish I could help..." he said wanting to do whatever to make Phoebe happy.

"You're already making me feel better. I really appreciate the support and comfort," she says shifting her sparkling blue eyed gaze on him. His heart banging against his ribs.

"Of course," Tyler says, putting his chin on her head. She closes her eyes, her grip tightening around his shoulders. Tyler wanted to take away her pain so bad. Make her feel better, but he knew he couldn't bring someone back from the dead. As much as science has progressed, no one's figured that out yet...

She pulls away, knowing she needs to get back home. She looks down, embarrassed by letting someone see her like this. Tyler cups her face in his hand, delicately using a finger to wipe her tears away. Aching replaces comfort as she stands up to leave.

"Oh, crap! My car! I left it at Kevin's," she chokes on the name, "apartment!" she realizes.

"I can drive you there. If you need a ride," Tyler says, taking out his car keys. He felt a little pang of envy at the sound of another guy's name.

"Thanks," Phoebe says wiping the last tear off the crest of her eye.

After a long and comfortable ride, they finally arrive at Kevin's old apartment.

After waving goodbye, she slides inside her car, heading back to her apartment. When she enters the complex she feels a sort of strange feeling. When she arrives at her apartment, the door was wide open.

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