Shinobi: Asuka

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(Y/N) looks at the first page of the Shinobi biographies and sees the picture of a brown-haired girl.

(Y/N) looks at the first page of the Shinobi biographies and sees the picture of a brown-haired girl

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Name: Asuka

Age: 16

Faction: Hanzo Academy (2nd-year)

Blood Type: A

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Height: 155 cm (5'1)

Eye Color: Hazel

Bust: 90 cm

Cup Size: F

Waist: 57 cm

Hip: 85 cm

Animal Guardian: Toad

Hobby: Training

Favorite Food: Futomaki Rolls

Personality: Energetic, joyful, hardworking, and very faithful in teamwork.


Weapon: Green Willow & Red Blossom

(Y/N): Green and Red? Oh, right. Her clothing.

Backstory: Her Shinobi heritage comes from her own grandfather on her mother's side. Her father was different. He always wanted to be a very successful lawyer but was swooned by Asuka's mother's charms. But it turns out that the grandfather didn't approve the relationship and then the two would fight over the situation. But when the dust settled, Asuka's father willingly gave up his dream for being a lawyer to be by her mother's side.

(Y/N): Wow. Such a sacrifice of a good career to have your loved one by your side forever.

And then when they got married, they opened a sushi shop of their own. When Asuka was growing up, she had quite the reputation of getting into fights with boys which made her grandfather observe that she is a lethal sword with no compatible shield.

(Y/N): Great at offense, but never when to use great defense.

She then enrolled at Hanzo Academy to learn the true meaning of being both a sword and a shield.

(Y/N) then looks at the clock and sees that it is now 9:15.

(Y/N): Wow, guess I took my time with the first page. Looks like it's bedtime for me.

(Y/N) quickly puts on his pajamas and goes to bed.


(Y/N) wakes up to a bright new morning as he sits up to yawn and stretch his arms. But suddenly, he feels something warm and soft around his neck. He looks down to see a red scarf. He unwraps it and looks at it.

(Y/N): I don't remember wearing this last night before I went to sleep.

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