Part 11: Laxus' return

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Check out the video in the top... DON'T THEY LOOK LIKE LUCY AND ERZA!
SORRY I HAVE NOT UPDATED!! GOT GROUNDED AND HAVE LOTS OF MISSING SCHOOL WORK!! Oh and pretend that Laxus never got kicked out of the guild!! STAY FROSTY!

The next 5 weeks for Lucy were tiring, she had to go through Physical Therapy everyday and had to reteach her muscles so they could work properly with the damaged and weakened bones. After the 5 weeks Lucy was out of her casts but still had a cast for her leg so she had to use crutches, "Grr how do people use these things! There killing my arms" Lucy complains going over to Erza and Mira. "Hey Erza!" "Oh! H-hey Lu-" Erza was cut off from the guild doors flying open and slamming on the walls. A tall man with blonde hair and a scar on his face stumbles in his fur coat surrounding him, the blonde falls and Lucy runs over to help him "Hey Hey wh-whats your name? Are you ok?" "The names Laxus, Blondie. Do I look ok" he slurred the last part and passed out, Lucy with the help of Erza carries Laxus to the infirmary. "...i hate it when people call me Blondie..." Lucy mumbled, Erza and Lucy carry Laxus and lay him down on one of the beds. "...stay...back you... beast!..." Laxus mumbled in his sleep, "DID HE JUST CALL ME A BEAST!?" Lucy yelled a dark aura surrounding her and leaned over Laxus with a murderous look on her face "He wasn't calling you a beast chill!... C-could you just heal him he looks really beat up?" Erza asked trying to soothe Lucy. "Fine" she said stubbornly and started healing him ''he is pretty cute... STOP!! YOU LIKE ERZA! You like Erza!'' Lucy accidentally said out loud, not realizing she said it out loud Lucy turned toward Erza who was 50 shades of red and Lucy smiled and hugged her. "Your a good friend Erza" Lucy said into Erzas ear making her face get darker, and walked out of the room. 'Did did she just confess to me... no no no no she didn't realize she said it aloud, maybe she ment like as a friend? She said Laxus of all people is cute I mean WHAT! Why I oughta' Erza thought rolling up her fake sleeves walked over to Laxus and punched him in the gut he wheezed but didn't wake up, Erza glared at him and walked out.

~2 hours later~

Laxus shot up and looked around he saw a blonde girl sitting in the chair next to his bed, he tilted his head to the side and recognized her as the girl from before. Lucy woke up and opened her eyes and shot her head up to meet Laxus and their eyes locked, Lucy had a light blush and Laxus looked confused "Um.. what's your name Blondie?" "My names Lucy" "Nah, I'll stick with Blondie, so what kind of magic do you use ive never seen you hear before?" Laxus said sitting up. "My main magic is Dragon slayer magic" Laxus' eyes widened 'This chicks a DRAGON slayer!?' "Which kind do you use?" Laxus asked sensing the blondes high magic power radiating off of her. "Oh u-um... hehe" Lucy said and scratched the side of her chin "Man is it getting hot in hear Hehehe?! Maybe I should take my cloak off and leave you to rest" Lucy hurriedly took off her cloak the magic power grew even stronger and Lucy sprinted out of the room with her cloak, the last thing Laxus saw of Lucy was the tip of her tail as she shut door. After she shut the door she leaned up against it and slid down, 'I cant let him know my magic he might run away too! Cause I didn't sense that much power from him'


"Hey Bi Bi " a younger Lucy said as she walked up to her old crush Bickslow, Bickslow had navy blue hair just a bit lighter than Grays, he was a bit taller than Lucy and had glowing green eyes. "Hey Lulu, what's up?" "Y-you said you wanted to know my magic correct?" "Yeah! So what kind do you have?" "Um I-i have dragon slayer magic" little Lucy said looking at Bickslow. "COOL! what kind Lu?" "All of them!" Little Lucy said cheerfully! "A-all of them!?" Little bickslow said scared "Go away you- you DEMON!" bickslow yelled and ran in the opposite direction. Lucy looked after him her eyes pricking with tears and she fell to the ground, a little later a little girl with light brown hair and green eyes walked up to the whimpering blonde. The brunette walked over to Lucy and squated down "hey why are you crying?" The slightly older girl asked " My crush/ best friend ran away from me because of my magic" Lucy said more tears streaming out of her eyes "Aren't you a little to young to have a crush? Well, anyways my names Evergreen! But you can call me Ever! What's your name" "H-hi Ever, m-my names Lucy. Lucy Dragneel-Heartfilia!" "Well hi Lucy would you like to come live with me and my family?" Lucy looked at the kind girl and shook her head "S-sorry but im currently looking for my brother Natsu Dragneel! But thanks for the offer" Lucy said cheerfully wiping the dried up tears from her eyes. "Ok well good luck!" "Thanks Ever! Bye" "Bye Lucy!" Ever yelled and skipped/ ran back to her house.

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