Chapter Fourteen: training part 2

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         Training part 2~


  Jessie's pov~

"Concentrate on your enemies movements at all times" Shane said as he went to attack me.

I dodged to the side as his daggers narrowly miss my face. "Now you have to come back stronger.
Your attack must hold force."

I take a running start to him, before jumping up dodging another attack. Before I land, my foot slams right into the center his chest. He staggered back as I land a punch to his gut and left cheek.

'Finally!' I mentally congratulated myself for finally landing a few hits on him. I created space between us, getting ready for his next attack.

"Good! Now for this section of training, you with create your own weapon out of your power." Shane said as he walks up to me.

"Your nothing. Nothing but a waste of space. Your the one that got thrown out of your own pack because you killed your parents."

My eyes widen. What? My brows furrow together. "That's not true-"

"It is. You lost control. You killed them and you know it. And you enjoyed it. Your sick! You disgust me.
You're the one that got your little friend killed. Because your weak. You will be the reason we all die." With each word, Shane walked closer.

"You. Are. Nothing. But. WEAK!"

Memories of when I was with my old pack came crashing back.


"Waste of space"


Something inside me snapped.
"No. I'm. NOT!!"

A black and blue scythe made of pure energy appeared in my right hand. It was almost taller than me. The blade of the scythe was long and sharp to the point that connected to a staff. A scull sat at the bottom of the blade holding the staff together.

My already long hair grew even longer, reaching the back of my knees. It turned silver instead of the brow and silver it used to be. My eyes turned to its glowing gold. Canines longer and sharper protruding my lips. Nails, now sharp, long and painted black.

"How dare you!" I screeched as I swung my scythe at the male standing before me with wide eyes.

Anger raged through my body. I felt like I wasn't in control of myself. 'Its because your not.' A voice snarled in my mined. 'I took over.'


'The names akuma.'

'Your name akuma means demon in japanese.'


Shane just barely dodged the blade of my scythe. In his left hand, he held a katana. The blade of the katana was black while the hilt was scarlet.

His katana and my scythe clashed, creating sparks. "Your not Jessie are you?" Shane asked in a monotone way as he blocked another attack.

"Nope!" Akuma laughed as she attacked him with more force. The blade of my scythe clashed on top of Shane's katana with such force.

"Who...are you!?" Shane grunted as he pushed us away.

"I'm Akumaria, Akuma for short. I'm her wolf!"

Akuma said with a wicked smile spread on our face. Shane's eyes grow wider. His jaw dropped. With an unknown speed, she appeared in front of him. "Close your yapper before a bug flies in there!" She laughed while swinging the scythe down At Shane.

He brought his katana up to block the attack. He grunted at the force. The blade of his katana began to crack under the force and before long,
The blade finally shattered.

Shane's face went from emotionless to pure shock. "Awe...did I break you little sword?" Akumaria giggles as she backs away.

'Akumaria, I want control back.' I told her.

She frowned before looking up.

"Well I have to go now. Sorry about your sword...."

Finally, she gave me all control back. The scythe disappeared and I returned to normal.

"That. Was. Awesome!!" Kia cried as he and the others ran up to us.

"Are you okay Shane?" I asked.

"Yeah I'm fine. You and your wolf are powerful. I also picked up that your wolf is very young." Shane replied as his katana vanished.


I looked at the group before me. Kia had the goofiest Smile I've ever seen spread across his face. The others stood still with wide eyes.

"Your mother wasn't kidding when she said a Whole new side of you would show when angry..." Aurora tilted her head to the side as she examined me closely.

"Wha-?" I looked at her in confusion. 'She knows my true mother?'

"Ah! Right, we didn't tell you! We are in contact with Adriana."


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