Chapter Two

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Jax's POV
I had been feeling agitated all day, yelling at my pack members for no apparent reason. Either someone was working too hard, or they weren't working hard enough. They were interrupting me to much, they weren't telling me enough.

I sighed in frustration as I tried to focus on the paper work in front of me. I had locked myself into my office until the early hours of the morning, not wanting to snap at another person for fear my anger would get out of control.

I had never been like this before, I had always taken pride in being a fairly level headed Alpha but today something was off and I didn't know what it was.

I ran my hands down my face, not giving into the exhaustion as I took another sip of my coffee.

I suddenly felt someone trying to push into my head, trying to get my attention. I growled slightly at the irritation, hoping to ignore it but when who ever it was didn't give up I released my walls and growled at them.

'This better be good'.

'I'm sorry to bother you alpha' Henry, one of my warriors who was on patrol tonight whimpered, feeling the irritation coming off of me even through my mind link 'we have a trespasser on the south side of our border'.

I growled in frustration 'then deal with it, you have your training so use it'.

'Of course alpha, the only reason I ask is because she's seems rather frightened and hurt. It also appeared to be the first time she has shifted and doesn't really know what is going on'.

I frown in confusion, how could you not know what's going on when we've been told all our lives that on our sixteenth birthday our wolf will appear. The situation intrigued me and for some reason I found myself walking out of my office and into the night air.

'I'm on my way Henry, please keep her there until I get there'.

'Yes alpha' he replied before shutting the mind link off.

Why did I feel so drawn into the night? It's not like this is the first time we have had a rouge trespass on our land before, why is it all of a sudden, my pack and I are drawn to help this girl.

As I got into the tree line I stopped as an amazing scent hit me. Smelling this scent felt like I had been struggling to breath all my life and I had just had my first taste of proper air.

I went into a full sprint as I immediately recognised what this meant. Mate. I felt like I couldn't get these quick enough, couldn't get her in my arm fast enough.

I was finally in hearing range of her and I could hear her whimpered as she was surrounded by some of my warriors and my beta Xavier. Don't worry baby, no ones going to hurt you here I thought but as I heard Xavier tell at her to shift I let out an almighty howl in anger. If she shifted and if what Henry had told me was true she would be shifting into her human form with nothing to change into. She would be naked for four males to see and my wolf went crazy at the thought.

Before I even had a say in it my beast was released and I heard my clothes rip as my black wolf appeared and sprinted towards the scene. What I saw had anger pumping through my veins, my mate was surrounded by three on my warriors, one of them henry, and Xavier whilst she stood in the centre of the circle shaking with fear and cuts all over her body.

"Shift!" Xavier demanded and I let out a ferocious growl at how he was treating his future Luna.

He turned to me in shock but I wasn't paying him any attention, I was staring at my mate as I watched her eyes role into the back of her head as she passed out.

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