A Helping Hand

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Requested by: @BronwenSchofield ! Sorry you've had to wait so long, but here it is! ❤️

Harry- 16
Liam- 21
Niall- 21
Zayn- 21
Louis- 22

Liam was a bit confused when he woke up in the middle of the night. When he looked at his clock, he saw it was only 04:30. It's way too early to be awake, Liam thought to himself. He didn't really know why he woke up, but he figured he maybe just spooked himself. He was about to lay his head back on the pillow, when he thought he heard a small whimper not far away.
Liam sat up once again. As much as he hated it, he turned on the light so he could quickly figure out what was happening and go back to bed. He closed his eyes when the bright light turned on, taking a couple seconds to let his eyes adjust, before opening them again.

When he scanned the room, he quickly found a certain someone by his door. Harry to be exact. He was the one whimpering. He had wet the bed during a nightmare, and Liam was the one he was bunking with him in the hotel. The poor teen was completely embarrassed. He was sixteen for goodness sake's! He shouldn't be having accidents like this. Yet, here he was, stood pathetically at Liam's door, tears steaming down his face, as his wet pants wrapped around his waist and bottom and front.

"Harry, is that you? What's wrong?" Liam asked in a tired, husky voice. However, Harry thought he was mad at him for waking him up at such an outrageous hour due to his low, somewhat scary voice. He backed away a bit from the door as he cried harder. He deserved this. He was so pathetic, wetting his pants like a small child.

"It's okay, buddy. I'm not mad. C'mere, let's talk." Liam soothed, seeing the poor lad cower away. He still wasn't sure what was wrong, but as he walked closer to the teen, a somewhat familiar smell hit him. He was surprised, to say the least. Harry had never had an accident. And he looked so vulnerable, it was a bit weird and scary to see him like this.

"Haz, did you have an accident?" Liam asked softly, crouching a bit to meet his eyes, as Harry was a lot shorter than him.

Harry, who still hadn't said a word, let out a loud cry.
"S-Sorry-y!" He sobbed. He felt really bad for Liam. He should've never woken him up. He could've handled it by himself, right?
"Oh, Harry. Shh, it's alright, it's alright. Shh, can we stop these tears? It's okay, I promise," Liam tried to soothe, feeling a bit awkward in the situation. Sure, he had handled his sisters crying before, even if they were older than him. But this was his bandmate. He wanted to comfort him the best he could, but he wasn't sure if Harry wanted to be hugged or even touched. So Liam just tried to talking to him, rubbing his arm at times, as poor Harry cried from embarrassment.

It took nearly ten minutes, but Harry had eventually calmed down, and he had somehow ended up in Liam's lap on his bed. He was now just sniffling and squirming from time to time, as the urine on his bits and thighs was getting uncomfortable.
"Can you tell me what happened, love?" Liam asked cautiously, not sure if he had made a wrong move by using the pet name.

Harry, however, seemed unfazed by it. He took a deep breath, as he felt the tears coming back on, and started.
"I-I had a n-nightmare. And when I w-woke up, I had wet, wet the bed!" He explained, getting emotional again. He wasn't quite sure why he couldn't stop his tears. He was just so embarrassed and tired, and just really wanted to go back to sleep. Unfortunately, he couldn't, because his sheets were wet.

"Oh, Harry. Hey, it's okay. We'll fix it. Shall we go clean you up?" Liam asked, already standing the two up from the bed and leading him to the bathroom. Harry wiped his eyes with his sleeves as they walked into the bathroom, feeling a bit better that Liam wasn't mad, or really didn't seem fazed by it at all.

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