Chapter:16 ~ With You (Part II)

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Note: MATURE CONTENT BELOW. Just like before I said: No-one can stop you from reading this.

Only the readers know that this note increase the curiosity to read the chapter with more interest. You know what I mean.



Xavier's POV:

I am so amused to see her face so shocked when she get to know that she is going to be my dinner.

If I could tell her that she is my love and I want to dine her every single night of my life. I don't want to get tired of kissing her or making love to her at any second of my life.

'Stop joking and...move away.', She said as she tried to push my chest but remain in vain.

'Do you think I am joking?', I asked with a stern face.

'Xavier..please...', She said as she lowered her eyes. I could see her shyness overflowing from her cheeks.

'Shall I start dining?', I asked with a smirk.

'NO! Just...move away from me.', She tried again.

'Why did you caressed my hair in the office?', I asked with amusement in my eyes.

'I..that..It was not...', She stammered as she looked away from my eyes.

'Why did you moan when I kissed you this whole time?', I asked raising an eyebrow with a smile which I was unable to hide anymore.

'I didn't.', Her face blushed as she answered.

'Shall I prove it you now?', I asked with a smirk.

'Xavier...I...don't think...', I sealed her lips with mine to stop her brain from thinking too much. I know where she wants to end her talk. I can't wait anymore.

I want you now as much as you want me. I know you want me too. I knew it when you closed your eyes in the office and did not resisted my kiss. I knew it when you shouted my name with while moaning.

I kissed her till I get her to match my pace. It was not that difficult because no-one can resist the person whom they love so much that they forget their surroundings.

I would have killed her lower lip if it would have been an essential body organ. I am using it too much for my pleasure.

My hand grazed to her sidelines. Our kiss get more passionate with the time. Her hands reached to my hair and I feel heaven when she entangles her fingers in between my hair. My lips reached her throat. She gulped at my touch.

I slipped my hands under her skirt making her tighten her grip on the bedsheet and in my hair. This feels so perfect. She is with me and not like any dream but in reality.

I missed you so much that I cannot stop myself from getting turned on.

I slide down to her breasts and tasted them which were still covered with her dress. I am sweating because it is getting very hot for my body temperature to handle. I removed my coat, tie and shirt in a go without breaking our kiss.

She is moaning so loudly for my manhood to get more hard and erect. It may came out piercing my pants to complete our urges and desires.

I pulled down her dress from her left shoulder taking small bites of her skin. Her breasts came out showing its dark hard tips for my mouth to taste.

I took the tips in my mouth which have turned hard due to this erotic session between us. As I took a bite of it, she screamed my name to fill the room with her moaning. 

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