Chapter 56

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Brianna's P.O.V

I ran back to my room when Izzy stormed off. I need to get her and Cam to make up over whatever they're fighting about. Cam won't tell me and Izzy won't even let me start the conversation so I only have one person left.


I went from room to room trying to find Nash until I reached Taylor's room. "Where is he?" I asked Taylor. "Um I don't know." He answered. I know he is lying because he kept scratching the back of his neck. "Fine don't tell me." I say pulling out my phone. Quickly I text Alex and tell her to get down here.

Waiting for her I just stand in Taylor's doorway and tap my foot staring him down. Alex turns the corner and runs next to me out of breath. She holds a finger up and leans on my shoulder trying to catch her breath.

"Zaym you are so out of shape!" I say watching her try to catch her breath still.

"Yah...I know... what did you...need" She asks still panting. I roll my eyes and point towards Taylor.

"This imbecile won't tell me where Nash is." I say glaring at Taylor.

"Tay? Taylor? Why can't you tell us where Nash is? Its really important." She says trying to look innocent and sweet. Taylor's mouth opens to say something but Alex cuts him off by kissing him. That escalated quickly!

Taylor was a little more surprised than I was though. I turned around so I didn't have to watch them suck faces. After a solid minute and I can still hear everything going on I turn around. Taylor has Alex pushed against the wall. Her legs are wrapped tightly around his waist while her hands are in his hair. As soon as Taylor's hand drop lower than the waist I step in and separate them.

"Look you two can have sex later right now I need you to tell me where Nash is, and for later please use protection and close the door." Alex turns bright pink and Taylor smirks. Nasties!

"He's in Dillon's room." Taylor says before grabbing Alex's hand and pulling her into his room.

"Please use protection! And be kinda quiet my rooms right next door!" I yell walking away. At Dillon's room as soon as he opens the door he starts to close it. I out my foot in the way and hold the door open. "First thing I need to say is, holy crap your Dillon Rupp! And second I need Nash." When I fangirl he just laughs at me but then tells me that Nash said he didn't want to talk to me, only Cam or Izzy. That's where the line is drawn. I grab Dillon's shirt and pull him close to my face.

"You listen her Rupp, I need to talk to Nash wether he wants to or not. This isn't all about him so he shouldn't be hiding away. I will ask him my question and I will get an answer. No matter how devilishly hot you are there isn't a single way your getting rid of me. Do we understand each other?"

He shakes his head yes really fast and then steps aside. I pat his shoulder and walk in. I scan the room for Nash and he isn't there but when I look onto the balcony I found him. I walk over and sit next to him. He has his head in his hands and he keeps saying something. His hair is disheveled and he is wearing the same clothes as yesterday. When I tap on his shoulder his head shoots up. As soon as he sees its me he groans and puts his he's back in his hands.

"Nash just so you know Dillon did a good job but I mean I kinda threatened him and you know how I can be a little scary sometimes." Nash chuckles and lifts his head out of his hands. His eyes are bloodshot and his face looks tired and sad. "Nash are you okay?" I ask him.

"Honesty, no. I got Cam worked up and then he hit Izzy, Kate is a fucking psycho and is out for Izzy, Hayes is mad at me because I freaked out on him when he was trying to help me, and I'm just a screw up!" He says. I shake my head. "No your not, your human. Thats what humans do, we make mistakes. Izzy will get over your fight, this Kate person will leave Iz alone, and Hayes is and always will be your brother and there's no way you can get rid of him. I came here to help you, to help Cam, and to help Izzy. So I need to know where to start, what happened last night?"

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