Addressing day

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Chara spent a week in the house of the Royal Family, asking them questions, tripping in the house and around it, but not exiting the big gates at the end of it yet. Toriel signed Chara's falling down day on the calendar, explaining that since she's the first human to fall down, it shall be a special day. Chara was still sleeping on the on the armchair in the living room, so Asgore started building a bed for her.

Chara was sitting on the armchair, reading one of the books Toriel gave her to read about the monster kind and the history of building a life in the underground. She read so dedicatedly that she didn't notice Toriel approaching her.


She called. Chara shuddered from surprise and looked up frightened, but quickly relaxed.

-Oh... Hello, Toriel...-

She mumbled. Toriel chuckled and sat on a chair in front of Chara.

-I see you're having quite a good time here. You don't seem to miss the surface.-

She noticed.

-I have nothing to miss there. It seems fine here, as much as it's all weird and unusual, it's cool.-

Chara shrugged, looking back at the book she was reading. Toriel frowned slightly.

-Do you mind telling me why?-

A long pause followed. Finally, Chara responded:

-Do you see that I have red eyes? No other human, at least among the ones my villagers ever met, had those. And, you know, humans aren't exactly good with the "different" among them.-

And that was her entire reply. Toriel wanted to ask more and more questions, but she saw in Chara's eyes the renouncement of saying any more, thus she decided to change the topic:

-I think I haven't told you yet that today is the monthly address.-

-A monthly address?  What is it?-

-We go to the castle and update the news to the citizens. I planned to ask you if you're ready to be part of it.-

-Do you mean, to be the big news? I don't know, maybe...-

Chara placed her chin on her fist, finally losing totally the concentration on the book. On the surface, she always had social anxiety, since people never accepted her. that's why she ran away. She wanted to hide and live all by herself, alone. But, unlike the humans, monsters seemed so kind and accepting... They barely knew her, and they already acted like they loved her. Taking some time to think, she decided that, after all, she will have to show up to the monsters other than the Royal Family earlier or later. Why not earlier then?

-Well... Okay, I'm coming.-

She said, eventually. Toriel smiled and rose her paw above Chara's head. The girl shut her eyes, automatically getting ready for a strike but only found her hair being rubbed.

-Why are you so scared, my child?-

-Oh, sorry. It's just a reflex.-


The way from the house to the castle was surprisingly quick and took a ride on a boat with a river person. Chara got frightened firstly when she saw the river person- they were the angel of death, no more nor less-or at least they looked so. The second time Chara almost fainted from fear was when the boat began to move quickly. Clutching a side of Toriel's muu-muu with one hand and a corner of Asgore's cape with the other, she had almost turned into a carpet on the floor of the boat. She had never been allowed to get close to water, and being literally ON water for the first time in her life was both fascinating and frightening. Asriel was standing on the boat, clearly having fun of Chara being curled up on the floor. Chara never felt so happy to be on the hard ground again after crawling out of the boat. Even falling down mt. Ebott seemed less scary. But all the fear ceased as the excitement greater than the first time in the boat took place in Chara's mind as she entered the castle. She is going to stand in front of thousands of people, being claimed the first human to ever fall the mountain and join the monster kind. She felt anxious, and yet the smile kept crawling onto her face. From excitement, her always rosey cheeks got even redder.

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