Chapter 3

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-Karkat P.O.V-

It's been a week, a week full of nothing but Dave fucking Strider, you think he's even tried following you home before. He even manages to catch you trying to ditch him at lunch, then you spot something, it's a missing poster, for Sollux. Your fathers were good friends, so as kids you spent a lot of time together, then... No! You are not thinking about that! Fuck no! There's someone dangerous in this school, could be a hunter or a demon, who knows. You take Dave to your usual spot away from everyone, you feel like you can trust him.

"Dave, can I tell you something?" He looks over to you.

"Lay it on me." You think that means yes. You tell him about Sollux and how you think someone dangerous might be in the school. "Dude, chill. He'll be fine, my Bro went missing a while ago, and he's completely fine." Wait, what? Oh fuck.

"Do you live with him?" He nods. Fuck Dave how stupid are you? Your brother's a demon. "Want to come over to my house?" You ask without thinking, Kankri's going to kill you for bringing a potential hunter into your house, He eagerly nods, you think you even see a smile on his face.

"Gimme." He tries taking your food, he always does it, you let him, you just drink your 'juice'. He notices the little extra thing Kankri puts in your lunch everyday, it has a note. 'Might be late getting home, leftovers are in the fridge' You read, you know he doesn't mean blood, but your kinda nervous, what if Dave finds out? Well, he's proved he's a fucking idiot, so maybe he won't find out.

You take him to your house, it's not like a big fancy mansion, but it's home. You enter the house, you sit down on the couch, Dave cuddles you seemingly without a second thought.

"Nice place." You mutter a thanks while looking through your movies, your sure Dave will like at least one of these films. You notices he's gotten a lot closer to you, based on all the romance films you've seen, does Dave love you?  No, he's a human, you're a demon, you aren't going to do some bullshit ritual to turn him either, you don't even like him. He's just some guy you ran into and became friends with, sure you never really open up to people, but that's cause society can go eat a dick. He cuddles you all the time but that's polytonic, 'bro' shit. Fuck, this is actually a really good plot for a movie.

You lean in for a kiss, and feel disappointed by the confused look on Dave's face. "What are you doing?" You quickly pull away.

"Nothing!" You blurt out. You here the door open behind you.

"Oh, hello. Am I interrupting something?"

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