7. Choices

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The possibility of finding a DNA match was worthy of celebration so that is what was happening at Trisha's home.  But her mind was still in a state of shock. How did this happen? Because frankly how did Sage even find her?

While their parents talked, for the first time she was left alone with a boy.

Sage Fletcher was undoubtedly very handsome and without any doubt, girls would be dying to get him as the partner but Trisha was suspicious of him as of now. And surprisingly her dad shared similar concerns.

"Where did you meet him?" He had asked the same questions that were running through her head.

"You said you wanted me to earn your trust, so here I am. Now talk Tinker Bell." He said in his so familiar tone.

She looked up at his forest green eyes and that little dimple at the corner of his lips. His raven black hair was a soft pile of mess which made him hot in every sense of the word.

"You have started feeling the attraction haven't you?" He asked in an amused tone.

"No." She lied and felt guilty about her fickle feelings.

"Well neither do I. But here I am." And it took a moment for her to realize what he said.

"You are not attracted to me?" She asked in an incredulous tone.

He just chuckled," Now, now. Don't find it offensive. It's just that I don't believe in this DNA match shit."

Trisha just held her breath for what she just heard. He didn't believe in the system she secretly hated.

"Then why are you here?" 

"I have my reasons."

"What if I am not your DNA partner then?" She asked curiously at what this boy was thinking.

"Does it matter? Is that Killian boy your DNA match?" He asked with a little bit of edge to his tone.

She realized that Sage and Killian might just know each other.

"He kissed me without my permission."

"And you didn't seem quite angry about it."

"Why are you doing this? I am being played by two cruel people here. What if this way I never find a match and left alone?" She almost pleaded looking at Sage hoping for some mercy in this case.

"Oh poor Trisha, don't you know. You will never find a match. Go ask your dad" He gave her a look of pity with a mocking smile and left her wondering.


"Dad," Trisha was surprised to find her father sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee at three in the morning.

"Can't sleep." He answered with a tired smile.

She wanted to ask what Sage said but that might just upset her happy family mood, finally, their loner girl found a boy and extremely good looking at that.

"What is keeping you awake?" She asked and sat down tempted to have a cup of coffee herself.

Her dad contemplated for a moment to share his concern and finally said, "How do you feel about that boy Sage?"

She decided to go with the truth.

"Not comfortable."

"He says he likes you." Her father was evidently not too happy about this.

So Trisha took a risk and asked, "He said I will never have a DNA match."

She waited for her father to react, to say something feeling angry at these words. But he just sat there and sighed.

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