Rescued p.3- Lloyd

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He quickly ran to Ninjago city looking for you, and when he did.

"Hello again Lloyd, what do think?" Morro laughed through you.

"Morro." Lloyd glared, "leave her now!!" He yelled.

You twirled around, well, Morro did. "Now why would I do that, this makes everything so easy." He said before wincing a bit.

Lloyd looked at him a bit oddly, not sure what was going in.

But inside you, was a full-on war.

"Get out of me, you wind bag!!" You yelled fighting him inside your head.

Morro growled, "Stop fighting or I'll hurt him!"

You tried everything, some things did a bit of damage but not enough.

Morro smirked and attacked Lloyd, who immediately fought back.

You thought for a second, before coming up with an idea that just might work.

You started humming a song in your head, as your powers vibrated through.

"What ate you doing!? Stop it!" Morro yelled clutching your head.

Lloyd stepped back. "She's not just my sister, she's the master of music." He said.

You ended the song, throwing Morro out of your body.

Lloyd caught you as you fell from exhaustion. "That was amazing sis!"

"Thanks, can we go home now?" You asked.

He chuckled. "Of course."

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