Rescued p.3- Kai & Nya

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You snapped your fingers and a ball of light illuminated where you were.

"Great, now I'll be stuck at home for months after this."

You looked around, till a voice was heard. "Good, your awake."

You jumped a bit and turned, moving the light to see who was outside your cell.

What you say not only shocked you, but sent fear shooting through you. "Garmadon..."

Garmadon smirked, "That's me."

Hyde, Kai and Nya ran in the direction they had heard the hissing.

"We need to hurry, who knows what he wants with her." Kai said searching.

"We know Kai, just chill." Hyde said, feeling the wall, before hitting a lose stone.

Nya looked over, "What did you find?" She asked, walking over.

"Maybe a hidden passage.." He replied pushing it in.

The trio watched as a door opened, "Let's go." Kai said lighting his hand, and running in.

You looked at Garmadon before backing up. "What do you want with me?" You asked.

"Oh. Nothing much, just to get rid of a ninja." He smirked, "Kill her." Garmadon said to a few serpentine.

You gasped and made the light go out, leaving the glowing eyes of the snakes all that could be seen.

The cell door creeked open as they slithered in.

"No!!" You screamed.

Hyde and Kai were the first to hear your yells and ran as fast as they could to you.

"Y/N!" Kai yelled.

You turned to where you heard him, feeling a wave of relief wash over you you blinded the snakes with a flash of light.

Kai knocked the them down and ran to you, giving you a tight hug. "I'm so glad we found you."

Nya ran into the hug. "Sis!"

Hyde smiled a bit as he leaned against the wall. "Let's get outa here."

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