Rescued p.3- Zane

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Evil Kai chuckled, "Sorry sugar, we need you."

"For what!?"


"No! If you hurt...!!"

"Hurt Zane?" Evil Zane asked. "Hunny you have not idea." He smirked.

"I'll beat you up when I get out of this!" You yelled as your eyes flashed green.

"Oh crud..." Evil Jay said.

Zane had panicked when he found out the doubles took you. They fought them once, and thought they destroyed them.

But, they were wrong. And now you were in serious danger.

"Zane, let's go try the wearhouses." Kai suggested.

Zane gives a quick nod before running out. You are his only sister, and he wasn't about to lose you.

The others followed searching ever warehouses one by one.

Till, they found you, but with all the doubles in the floor, out cold.

"What...?" Zane asked a bit confused as you stood there, completly fine.


"Oh crud..." Evil Jay said.

Your eyes glowed bright green as you ripped the ropes off with vines.

"No one, and I mean NO ONE!! Hurts my brother!!" You yelled as grass came up through the floor and wrapped around the doubles legs.

Evil Kai went to burn it all, but you snuffed him with a bush.

And that's how you got here, taking them out one by one.

"I was supposed to rescue you....right?" Zane said shocked.

You chuckled, "Come on, I'll help make dinner." You smiled and walked out, leaving a shocked brother behind.

"Wait for me!" He yelled after you.

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