Rescued p.3- Cole

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"You won't be able to get out, those are vengestone chains. It canceled your element. For now." Chen chuckled.

You glared at him, "I know what you want and you won't get it! Cole will come for me!!"

"Well I'm counting on that!" Chen smirked.

"You!.... ugh!!" You yelled struggling desperately at the chains.

Chen and Clouse left the room, leaving you with the hope that your brother will come, and he would bring more elements to take.

Cole searched desperately everywhere for any clue as to where they might have taken you.

"Where could he have taken her!?" Cole asked, very upset at himself for letting it happen.

"The only place he would go would be, his island. But, it would also be a trap to take our elements as well as Y/N's." Jay said.

"It's a risk I have to take." Cole said pulling his hood on.

"Your not going alone." Zane said plainly.

"No. I am. The more of us who go, the more elements he might get." Cole said and rushed out on his dragon.

The others sigh and let him go, knowing, that was a fight they wouldn't win with him.

Cole soon arrived at the island, and snuck inside the palace.

You had been moved to the throne room, still in the vengestone chains.

But, Clouse was waiting above you, to steal both yours and Coles elements.

Cole had looked through the entire palace, well except for the throne room and the balcony above it.

Lucky for him, he checked the balcony first.

Looking around he saw you down in front of the throne, and above you he saw Clouse.

"Good." He said and jumped Clouse falling right in front of you as her fought him.

"Cole!" You yelled happily when you saw him.

"Y/N! Just a minuet!" He said as he fought Clouse till he ran off.

He hurried and untied you. "You are never going on a mission again." Cole said.


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