8. Wife

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❝ wife ❞

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❝ wife ❞

A tear rolled down her cheek as she kneeled down in front of her mother's grave. Four years had already passed since her mother left. And after a year, her father married another woman who took her mother's place in everything including her identity, Mrs. Yoon.

Jihae placed the flowers on her grave and cried silently.

There were only two persons to cry for her, Jihae and Mr. Yoon. She knew that his father still loved her mother very much. He married another woman so that she could take care of his daughter.

For him, his daughter was still young and couldn't take care of herself.

Never did she complain about their marriage, and she had no option but let her stepmother use her because her only parent left was her father. She couldn't risk his life.

"I miss you, mom." Jihae choked on her sobs.

"I'm getting married," she spoke and couldn't control her tears anymore, so she let them out. She realized that it was already past 3 pm.

Mrs. Yoon asked her to come back early, but she was already so late. She drove back to her house only to witness a fuming old woman and Jihae wasn't in the mood at all, so she just ignored her walked to her room.

A short nap would be very nice when your head is aching like hell, so she wrapped herself under the blanket and drifted off to sleep.

And she slept peacefully for hours, but surely, the world wouldn't let her sleep more. She woke up with her phone buzzing and lazily opened her eyes before grabbing her phone.

Her phone screen, there displayed a number with a contact name.

Jeon Jerk

She rejected the call and went to sleep again, but her phone continued buzzing. She finally gave up and answered the call.


"WIFE." She heard Jungkook's voice, followed by his cute giggle.

"Your husband is drunk here," an unfamiliar female voice spoke from the other line. "Come and take him home," the girl continued.

"What? Husband?" Jihae asked in confusion. She wasn't even married and already had a husband– interesting.

The line went silent for a while before the girl spoke again. "Aren't you his wife? Your number is saved as 'wife' on his phone," she said.


"Come to Octagon Club, Gangnam-gu." the hung up the call.

"Wife?" A weird sound escaped her mouth followed by a snort. Jihae found it funny that Jungkook saved her number as 'wife'.

She sighed when she remembered that her husband was drunk and she had to leave her warm blanket and bed. She sneakily walked out of the house and went to the club.

Loud music was heard as she walked inside. She dialed Jungkook's number and waited for the girl to answer. "WHERE ARE YOU?" Jihae shouted, covering one of her ears.

The girl from earlier spoke but she didn't understand any of her words because of the loudness of the music. She got irritated and hung up the call but her phone started buzzing again, so she walked out of the club to answer the call.

"Where are you?" she asked after the girl answered the call. "WIFE!" She heard a familiar voice from behind, so she turned around.

There was her husband with a girl beside him, who was struggling to hold him. As soon as he saw her, Jungkook left the girl and tried to walk to her, showing bunny teeth but ended up on the ground.

Hurriedly, Jihae ran towards them and helped him to stand. She wrapped his arm around her neck to help him stand on his feet.

"Your husband is so fucking irritating," the girl said and handed his phone to Jihae. "I'm sorry," Jihae apologized and Jungkook was busy pulling her cheeks.

"I wonder how do you even handle him," the girl mumbled to herself before leaving him in her arms.

Jihae pulled him, more like dragged him towards the car and threw him inside. She slammed the car door and entered inside.

"What the hell are you doing here alone?" Jihae asked, glaring at the drunk guy. He leaned forward while grinning.

"I'm enjoying my remaining days before our wedding." Jungkook made a thin line with his lips. "Alone?" Jihae asked, tapping the steering wheel and he nodded his head making a sad face.

"Miran is busy." Jungkook made a fake crying face which somehow she found cute.

She drove the car to his place while he was chattering continuously, but she ignored him and continued driving.

Jungkook poked her cheeks when he noticed that she wasn't listening to his chattering. "What?" Jihae asked, with her eyes fixed on the road.

"Jungkookie is sleepy." He pulled one of her hand from the steering wheel and Jihae snorted after what he did next.

He buried his face on her boobs and sniffed while she froze on her place, except for her hand which was on the steering wheel. Sweats started dripping down her forehead.

"Perfect pillow." Jungkook poked one of them and rested his head. Jihae tried to push him with her free hand, but he was much stronger than her.

And he was still resisting her push even if his sitting position was so much uncomfortable.

"PERVERT." She finally managed to push him away from her and Jungkook glared at her with a pout on his face.

He looked away and pretended to be angry when he noticed her glancing at him. Soon enough, he slowly dozed off with cute snores.

Finally, they reached his mansion and she stopped the car outside the gate before dragged the sleeping guy out of the car. Jungkook started murmuring things while she was dragging him inside and a guard ran to them to help her.

His elder brother saw them when he was having a walk in the garden and he ran to them.

"What happened?" his brother asked worriedly and Jungkook threw himself on his arms. He took Jungkook inside, with the guard helping him.

And she was left alone outside. "He didn't even thank me," she complained and stomped her feet while they disappeared from her sight.

Her phone started buzzing and she gulped when she saw the caller id. It was a call from her stepmother.

The woman was already angry and now she left the house without informing her. She answered the call and waited for her stepmother to shout.



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