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Your POV

It's the same man who I bumped into!!! Holy mother of Jisoos!

He looked at me and smiled. He proceeded to walk towards me.

"So we meet again? I knew it! By the way, are you okay? Does it hurt?" He asked, sounding concerned.

"Yeah, I am fine. You don't need to feel guilty."

"That's great. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Park Chanyeol, but please call me Chanyeol." He said, keeping a hand on his chest.

"Oh, well, my name is Y/N, and that's what you can call me."

"You didn't come with your husband?" Chanyeol asked. I didn't know how to explain it. It will put a bad impression of me if I tell him we are divorced.

"We are actually...... Divorced." I said finally.


He smirked a little, which got me thinking if he was happy or something.

"That's sad. Well, I hope we can have a good friendship, because I don't wanna be your business partner.... I wanna be more than that." He said.

Stay in your lane sir!

"Of'course... I mean we could be just friends." I stuttered. Man, this guy is creepy, but his personality is so nice.

We then discussed about the business plans and everything.

"Thank Chanyeol, for your time. I hope this partnership can dwell well." I said and shook his hand.

"Nope! I want this friendship to dwell well." He said. I chuckled.

"I would like to treat you to dinner tonight. Will you be kind enough to join me?" He asked. Honestly though, I would rather watch some movies while eating some ramyun.

"I am sorry Chanyeol, but I have a movie night tonight with myself." I said, hoping he won't mind.

He frowned a little but bounced back to his happy face.

"If you don't mind, can I join you?" He asked.

But we just met? What do you think, I will let a stranger sleep over at my house? But I feel lonely in that big house though..... But still.

"I mean.... Will you be comfortable? We just met and we are still not close enough or anything." I tried not to sound awkward. I seriously don't know. Having a person over whom you barely even know.... Idk man.

"It's fine! I will be fine! I know you want to be more familiar with me, so let me treat you out for lunch at least, and then we can have a movie night!" He sounded enthusiastic. He has such a nice personality and aura. I guess I should give in.

"Ummmm... Okay then." I said and Chanyeol smiled. He has a gorgeous smile.

We walked out and I realized I have my car parked.

"Hey Chanyeol, my car is parked there. We can go in my car." I suggested.

"I will drive then!" He jumped. Can anyone say he is the CEO of a company with that attitude?

We sat down and he drove.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"I will take you to a place where I go often. It's amazing!"

We reached the restaurant. It was a very expensive one! I can't believe this! This guy goes to this place OFTEN?!

"Chanyeol, this place looks very expensive. Are you sure you wanna spend that much?" I asked.

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