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The following day, the students that were eligible to compete in the Triwizard tournament made sure to put their names into the Goblet of Fire. Among these students were two particular twins that were actually not qualified to put their names in. Applause rang out when the Weasley pair came running in with a potion they conjured up.

"First and foremost, my brother, George, and I would like to personally give our thanks to Miss Padma Patil," Fred announced.

"If it weren't for her brilliant idea of creating a counter-potion that would allow us to enter the tournament then we would not be standing here in front of this fine crowd," George continued.

"I think I suggested a counter-spell, not a potion," Padma stated.

"Whatever does the job," said George.

Hermione Granger walked over to stand with Padma and Estella. The three girls, along with the crowd, watched as the twins drank the potion.

"They don't actually believe that it will work do they?" Hermione asked.

The two girls shrugged right as the two gingers took a step over the age line. The crowd cheered once more. Estella looked at Hermione to see that the girl's eyebrows had risen out of shock and hesitance.

After slipping their names into the goblet, the crowd cheered once more before being cut short by the red flames that were now spewing out. Everyone watched as the twins were blown out of the age line to crash into the floor. Once everything was back to normal, laughter broke out at the sight of Fred and George. Where red hair had once stood, crazy white hair now covered the heads of the twins, along with white beards. The laughter continued as the two proceeded to fight over who was at fault for the potion malfunction.

"I knew it," Hermione said with a shake of her curly head and a chuckle that escaped from her lips.

"What did I miss?" Cedric asked, walking in.

"Fred and George made themselves older so that they could put their names in the goblet," Estella explained.

"I told you, Padma," Cedric said with a smirk.

"At least I didn't try to attempt it," Padma defended.

"Are you going to put your name in the goblet, Cedric?" Hermione asked, gesturing to the slip of paper in his hand.

"Yes I am," Cedric answered proudly.

"You are?" Estella asked with an underline of concern in her voice.

"Estella, I know you believe that it's dangerous, but we went over this. There have been changes so that there wouldn't be any more deaths," Cedric explained.

"It's still dangerous nonetheless," Estella added.

"You have nothing to worry about. Besides, my name may not even get picked," Cedric reassured while walking up to the goblet.

Estella watched as he slipped his name into the flames. The nervous feeling didn't go away, despite the applause coming from the other students. Cedric was right though. His name could just be another name to be discarded. There was still a chance that a different student would be chosen to compete and Estella would still have one of her best friends safely by her side.

Later that day, Estella was sitting in her Charms class, trying to listen to the lesson when a Slytherin elbowed her arm lightly. She turned her head to the girl who handed her a folded note.

"It's from Malfoy," she explained bluntly before going back to her careless side drawing in the margin of her book. Estella unfolded the note, knowing that Draco was watching her without her even having to look up.

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