Chapter 10

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Rowan had stayed in bed for almost four days now. Apparently a bad concussion and the loss of blood were not a good mix. She didn't remember much but she remembered what Luca had said to her.

Harry had refused to let her move as much as an inch, and he was being way to nice. She had questioned his actions towards her the past week, where was her bad boy? Not that she minded his soft side, she loved it endlessly.

"Harry." She called and his head peaked in from the bathroom, it was soaking wet and he was dripping all over the carpet. "I have to get up today."

He held up a finger as to tell her to wait a moment, and closed the door softly behind him. He then came out moments later with a towel wrapped around his waist. He watched her for a second before walking to his closet and coming back out fully clothed, his shirt unbuttoned.

"Can't you just stay in bed a little longer?" He asked coming towards the edge, and Rowan sat up on her knees to meet him. Her hands falling on his chest and working on the buttons.

"Harry, honestly, I'm fine. A little bump doesn't put me out for weeks." She smiled and he nodded.

"You don't know how scary it was." He said and she gave him a small half smile.

"I'm fine." She reassured him before planting a kiss on his lips. He nodded and slipped a pair of boots on before making his way out of the room. Rowan jumped up excitedly and ran into the shower to rinse off the laziness of the past few days. The water felt so great against her back and she couldn't wait to run around and see everyone. She had been meaning to ask Harry if she could see Arden soon. She was finishing buttoning her pants when a knock was heard at her door, she grabbed the nearest shirt and slipped it over before opening the bedroom door.

"Goodmorning princess." Said the voice of the last person she wanted to see, Luca.

"Get out of here. I will take no part in-"

"In helping me kill your boyfriend? I know that sweetheart." He rolled his eyes pushing past her and leaning against the door.

"He's not my boyfriend."

"He sure seems to think so. Beside the point, I don't need you running your fucking mouth. If you won't join me, which eventually you will, you won't ruin my plans Rowan. You do not speak of this to Harry or I will have no problem following through sooner than later." Rowan crossed her arms and her breathing was wild with anger, she wanted to slap him again. Better yet, she wanted to kill him.

"Why are you doing this Luca? He's done nothing to you!" Luca only chuckled and opened the door slightly, taking a step out.

"Am I clear on the conditions of this friendship?" He asked batting his eyelashes.

"I wouldn't call it that." Rowan grumbled.

"Am I clear Miss King?" He growled.

"Crystal." She smirked before he slammed the door and left her to her thoughts. Of course, she wanted to tell Harry everything but she also knew she could do this on her own. She could protect him. And she didn't need him to worry about anything more than he already did.

Making her way downstairs, she rummaged through the kitchen before making her way to Harry's office where guards stood outside of the doors. They stopped her, and warned her that Harry was very busy but she rolled her eyes and pushed past them into his office. His body made no movement as she sat herself in front of his desk and reached forward grabbing his phone, he had so many games on it and she didn't know why.

"You know you have your own phone for that." He said to her and she shrugged at him.

"I just like using yours, it's brand new." She smiled and looked down at her old phone that sat next to her. There was nothing wrong with it, it was just outdated and she didn't use it much anyway.

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