Chapter#:13 USJ Part 2 (Finally)

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You Were Teleported to a strange Grassy Area With Trees

"Where am I" You said with a slight headache only to open your eyes to see 8 Villains and Todoroki standing next to you looking annoyed

"I Got this" Todoroki said while Freezing his path in front of him trapping all 8 Villains

"Geez That Was Easy" I said walking to him

I heard a crack in the ice but you acted like you never heard it bit you were ready the Villain Brole through the ice causing you to quickly turn around grab his head and shove it into a tree

'Well that Wasen't Necessary' I thought to Myself

"Todoroki" I said while turning around only to see he already left

'I Guess I Should Help The Others' As I ran Toward A Loud Noise

I arrived at a scene with a yellow haired boy In an arm lock from a Villain and two girls

I Pulled out a Pistol BB gun with metallic BBs

'Well at least it won't kill him' You Hit Him In the Back with the Pistol he turned aroundonly to be shot in the eye

"Ouch That Gotta hurt" I say feeling bad

I Picked Up the Yellow Haired Kid and droped him in front of the two girls

"What happend to him?" I asked Curiously

"Lets Just say The Idiot Is Carefree" Said the Weird Girl with Earphone Jack Hanging From Her Ear

"Anyway thank you for your help but we should get going" Said the other girl

"Oh Yeah It's Momo Yaoyorozu" Said Yaoyorozu

"I'm Kyoka Jiro and this Idiot Here is Denki Kaminari" Said Jiro

"I'm (Y/N) (L/N)"

"Ok I should Go to Bye" I Jumped On a Tree and looked to see what was going on and saw Mr. Aizawa Fighting Villains but were amazed to see how well he was doing untill a Villain with hands on his face arms and legs attacked your teacher

You saw Midoriya Hiding Behind a Pile of rocks; I ran Toward Midoriya and made sure I was not seen

"Where is everyone else" I said in a rushed tone

"At the gate but Ilda is on his way to get Professional Heroes" He stated

You heard a loud noise

I looked to see Midoriya with a shocked face only to be shocked myself when I turn back to see our Teacher on the ground in pain until I realized the stange creature standing before me and In a blink of an eye the Strange Villain with the hands jumped towards Tsuyu Asui someone I did know but Before I could do anything Midoriya Jumped to attack The Man With The Hands On His Face but his attack was denied when the Strange Creature Blocked his Attack With his Body He Then Proceeded to Grab his arm

'Time Freeze'

You walked over to Asui to realize that she was trying to grab Midoriya to save him while she was In that kind of situation

'Could I do That'

I Slowly Pushed her out of the Villain's reach without touching his hand because her face can be disintegrated by his hand

You walk over to Midoriya to see the Stange Creature Starting to grab Midoriya's Hand

I Pulled Midoriya from IT'S Reach
Then grabbed Asui and Mineta and I headed torwards the Entrance to drop them off

I Close My Eyes and Open it to see Midoriya, Asui and Mineta Freaking out

"Calm Down I got you guys out of there" I Said Very Calmly

Untill a Loud Blast of Wind and Sound
Came Blasting From the Entrance Door

"What Now" I Said Annoyed

But Was Shocked To See All Might Walk Out of The Door Entrance

"I Am Here" Said All Might

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