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What is filled with pain and love,

Yin and yang, and Black and white doves?

It's life,

And it's full of goodbyes.

So many things can go wrong,

And necessary evils come along.

But it's only life,

If you mess it up,

It may cause you,

Your life.

Treat it like a game or a ride,

Because were all stuck inside.

Nothing new under the sun,

It's just a game, and the other side has won.

So many children,

Screaming in terror.

They fear what's next.

But it stays the same,

And nothing changes.

But it's only life,

If you screw up,

Everyone else does,

So what's the rush?

It's nothing more than a game or a ride.

Hope you win,

Hope you live,

Because so many didn't.

You can hear there screams,

But people don't care.

They close there eyes and eat,

At there soul like meat.

Hope you have a fairy,

Or a rabbits foot.

Because life is scary,

You get used to it,

So I don't care.

The only thing I fear,

Are my nightmares,

Of waking up,

To Life.

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