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Guys!" Ryland exclaims when he sees Gabe and William. William is laying down on the couch, Gabe on top of him. William is wrapping his arms Gabe neck, his palms are laid on the top of Gabe's back. Gabe is bracing himself on top of Gabe, some of his fingers curling on William's belt loop, while the other hand is progressively going lower and lower on his waistband.

Gabe and William just look back at Ryland, then William pushes him off. Gabe laughs at his boyfriend as he gets pushed off the couch. William pulls his pants up by his waistband.

"You have a room!" Ryland says to Gabe, "Alright scoot over," He says to William. Ryland sits down next to William, sitting with a bowl of cereal.

"Bill, come on," Gabe says, he takes William's hand and winks at him. William laughs at him and stands up, Ryland just groans. "Ryland, we aren't going to fuck," Gabe says to Ryland, "Unless you want to join,"

"Oh Gabey baby," Ryland says before stu

ffing another spoon of lucky charms in his mouth.

"Yeah," William looks up at Gabe, "How about no, just for the sake that y'know, I kind of like you to myself," William says.

"Sorry Ryland, Bill says no, I say no," Gabe says to Ryland. Ryland smiles and waves Gabe off, while looking at the tv in front of him.

"I'll just go on another tinder date, everything's fine," Ryland says to them. William smiles at Gabe, then Gabe smiles back at William.

"What?" Gabe asks him, William ducks his head and blushes.

"Your eyeliner is all-here," William smudges Gabe's eyeliner with his thumb, he also smoothes out Gabe's eyebrows. "You should put your nose ring in, it looks all bruised up, so just put it in so you don't look ugly,"

"Thanks," Gabe smiles to William, he kisses him. Ryland stands up and goes in front of the both of them.

"Me and this guy just matched, we're going on a date, Gabe I'm gonna text you the address just incase I die,"

"This is why I don't go on tinder," William says to Ryland, "It's full of weirdos,"

"Also, you have a boyfriend and you can get fucked whenever you want," Ryland says blankly to William, William blushes while Gabe chokes on his on laughter.

"Y-Yeah," Gabe says, "Alright see ya babe!" Gabe says to Ryland, he pushes William into their bedroom to continuie what they were doing on the couch.


"Holy fuck," William says collapsing back on Gabe's mattress. William's sweaty and his hair is all fucked up. Gabe's got his leg between William's, his hands roaming on William's chest, and fuck William loves him so much.

"Oh fuck," Gabe says leaning his head down on William's chest when he hears the front door open and the hear it slam immediately.

"Ryland got laid," William laughs to Gabe, "It's only 12pm, he's already gotten lucky." William sighs

"You just got fucked I don't know what you're talking about," Gabe smiles at William. William and Gabe stay in Gabe's room, turning the music up all the way so they don't have to hear Ryland moaning, the walls are only so thin.

"He's probably fucking some forty year old," Gabe says, William makes a disgusted face at him, "gross!" He exclaims to back.

"I think that they're done," Gabe says to William.

"Why didn't we just leave?"

"Because," Gabe says sternly , "what if they did it on the couch,"


Hours pass and it's 6pm, Ryland is still locked up in his bedroom, while Gabe's playing the role of chef.

"It's going to be awkward having dinner with them," William says, "we should just, we should eat out," Gabe shakes his head at the idea.

"Two reasons why I'm saying no, one I'm already cooking, and two I wanna see what this guy looks like,"

Gabe calls Ryland for dinner by his phone. William is sitting in front of the TV, eating the steamed vegetables and tofu. William starts to flip through the channels, and then ryland comes out.

He comes out with this man, this man he looks to be about 40-ish years old. William swears that Gabe was about to beat him up.

"Yeah," William hears Gabe talk to ryland, "this is all the food, so eat up." Gabe says smiling, he sits next to William.

When ryland and the man come sit on the other couch, William looks at the man, and the man looks back.

"Holy shit, dad?!" William exclaims. The man looks at William and smiles, "i-i knew I knew you from somewhere,"

"How are ya kid?" He asks William, and William's face drops.

"I'm living with my boyfriend right now I can tell you that much," William says to his father, "but, holy shit dad you're gay?!"

"No, I just have sex with anybody, I don't have a preference, I just get bored,"

"Oh," both William and ryland say at the same time. Gabe raises his eyebrow at William's dad.

"What do you do for a living?"

"Fix TV's and home appliances," he says back, "did you cook this, it's good,"

"Oh, yeah thanks, um, Mr.beckett, if you mind me asking, why didn't you visit william at all?" He asks, William shushes him, but Gabe brushes it off.

"I don't have the funds to drive all that way, besides, I'm not allowed to see the kids, according to the law I'm an unfit parent, or whatever that means," Mr. Beckett scoffs.

"what the fuck are you doing fucking 19 year olds?!" Gabe says to him.

"Gabe!" William says to him, hearing the man he's adored, that man who gave him so much hope in the world, his father, completely destroy everything he thought he knew about him.

"I think love isn't defined by a number, if a 20 year old wants to date a 15 year old, what's wrong with that,"

"Yeah, no, get the fuck out," Gabe says, "ryland show him the door before I do," Gabe says his knuckles turning white.

"Gabe," William says softly so only they can hear is, Gabe says his hand on William's back and kisses his cheek, "you're gonna be fine," Gabe says back, "you're gonna be fine," 

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