Treinta y Dos

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It was a warm and peaceful sleep and it may have been the best sleep of my life, but it wasn't because I was abruptly woken up by the cries of the devil himself.

I had never heard Noah cry so hard. His sobs ripped through the silence of the morning which instantly woke Daddy and I up.

His shrieks showed that he was scared, which perhaps suggested he had woken up from a nightmare.

Knowing how it felt to have one of those I quickly hopped up from daddy's bed on instinct, Daddy following behind me quick.

As I entered Noah's room I was terrified to find that the boy was on the floor bleeding.

It was an odd and extremely unexpected sight. The fact that he was even able to get out of the crib and hurt himself was illogical. Those bars were way too sturdy for him to have fallen out and why would he need to attempt an escape when he knew daddy or I would come at his request?

Daddy and I rushed to his side and helped him up. He quickly wrapped his arms around me of all people, crying into my neck.

I was no longer little like I had been when I woke up. I couldn't find myself to be little and dependable at a time like this.

I helped carry Noah (who was luckily pretty light) to the bedroom bed which I thought would be more comfortable than the living room couch.

I laid the distraught boy down on the bed carefully, trying to avoid hurting him further.

Tyler offered Noah a pacifier which Noah accepted. The pacifier did not stop the boys loud cries though.

Knowing that the boy wouldn't be up for talking yet I decided to strip him and find the wound first. It would be the closest thing to an answer that Tyler and I'd get.

Tyler caught onto what I was doing and helped me gently pull all of the clothes off of Noah.

Noah cried harder as the cloth of his clothes rubbed up against any potential injured part of his body.
  Once we had him stripped down to just his diaper, we examined his body.

  It took less than a second to find a large gash on his side, which was oozing blood and seemed quite deep.

  I took charge, which was unusual of me to do. "Tyler go get a towel to stop the blood," I instructed him. I was curious as to how the cut even got there.

  It would be so much easier to determine what to do if Noah wasn't a crying mess and was capable of telling us what had happened.

  I comforted Noah by playing with his hair and nuzzling his cheek. "It's gonna be okay," I assured him.

  His cries were becoming quieter and he seemed to be calming down. Every once in awhile though they would get worse again, indicating that the pain in his side was worsening.

  Tyler soon returned with a towel and bandages in hand. I knew Noah would hate me for it now but I knew I had to do it.

  I pressed the towel up against the gash, causing Noah to squeal and kick. Tyler held him down as I  cleaned up the gash, causing louder cries to escape Noah's mouth.

  I wasn't a genius or a doctor or anything but I was pretty sure that Noah would need stitches.

  Making sure that Tyler had Noah held down good I proceeded to wrap the bandages around his stomach and the gash on his side.

  It would help the wound stay clean and intact until we could get him to the professionals.

  "I think we should take him to the doctors," I voiced my thoughts. Tyler nodded in agreement.

  I felt nervous about the idea of taking him to the doctors while he was little, but I knew we had no other choice.

  I ran into my bedroom and started to pack a bag for Noah. I made sure to pack extra diapers, pacifiers, and a bottle of milk that though was now warm, may go cold.

  As I headed towards the car to throw the bag in the back, I noticed Tyler had already carried Noah to the car and laid him down in the backseat.

  "I'll stay with him back here," Tyler whispered to me, sitting down and resting Noah's head on his lap, playing with his hair like I had.

  I focused on the wheel and started the car, heading towards the only doctors office I was aware we had.

  Noah's cries had given me a headache and it was getting harder to drive, seeing as I was in pain and shaking slightly.

  Luckily, the doctors office wasn't too far from home and I arrived before any damage of my crappy driving skills was done.

  I helped Tyler carry Noah and the bag into the office, signing in while Tyler took on the task of stealing Noah's pacifier and dropping it into the diaper bag.

  Noah's cries got worse and louder, which was kind of embarrassing for Tyler and I, but at least nobody had seen the pacifier in the boys mouth.

  I pulled a bunny stuffie from the diaper bag and handed it to Noah, who happily took it into his arms and cuddled it.

  A crying teenage boy holding a stuffed animal was better than a crying teenage boy sucking on a pacifier.

  A lady doctor came out to greet us. She noticed Noah's sobbing form on Tyler's lap instantly and got a curious look on her face.

  "Right this way," she instructed us quickly, seeing as Noah was definitely not okay.

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