7.- Unpleasent Visit

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Hyden/Tsubaki POV

Tsuki and I sat in her living room while we stared at one another. Cuts and bruises, even dirt and dust were over us, head to toe.

Tsuki stared at me with a poker look but I could tell that she's holding the guts to strangle me, while I only sat there all calm, with my outfit all damaged.

"You know that it wasn't necessary for you to get us out from he roof, right?" Tsuki spoke out, breaking the long silence between us.

I suddenly laughed my maniacal laugh before stopping. "Not interesting." I blurted out.

Tsuki clicked her tongue, irritated before she stood up and a pair of towels were suddenly threw straight to my face, surprising me.

"Go take a shower, there's a bathroom in the third door to your left on the second hall on the right." Tsuki mentioned while I took the towels off my face and looked down on my lap, which a new change of clothes were placed there.

"You can use that change for now till I get a call from your subclass's phone... If I could remember where I put my phone." She added and mumbled to herself the last part but I heard her.

"Okay." I only respond before pushing myself up, towards the direction that she mentioned and arrived.

As I slide the doors open, entered the room, I saw how the room is a modern-traditional style but huge for one person... Now that I mentioned it, I've haven't seen anyone else here, dose she lives alone?

"Dose she has a family?" I asked to no one exactly while staring at the doors over my shoulders.

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"Aaah, that was relaxation!" I mentioned of relief, smiling a eyes closed.

Tsuki had given me a white baggy shirt with black shorts.

Is this her brother clothes?

I asked myself as I made my way to the doors while I dry my hair with a towel and towards the living room where I found Tsuki sitting one of the pillows on the floor, all cleaned up as her hair is still dripping of water, but she wears a towel over her head. I also see that she had change into what seems to be in her PJs.

A plain white, silk top with matching shorts, a white long robe to avoid any cold air, maybe.

Seeing her closely seems as if I've seen her before, but where?

Where had I seen her before? And why dose she seems like is someone special.... To me?...

"Could you stop starring and come here to eat, already!" Tsuki suddenly said, knocking me out from my thoughts.

I blinked twice and noticed that I was starring at her all this time. I laughed apologizing before making my way to where is and sat on the other side, facing her.

I look up in her face and saw that she isn't wearing her glasses but had them over a small table beside us. I look down on what she's doing and saw that she's treating her wounds.

"Your lucky that your a vampire, which cause your injuries to heal quickly." She spoke out to me but kept her eyes on her wounds as I listen. "But as I'm a human, I need to treat my injuries so that they can heal quickly but in a ever so slow matter." She added.

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