|Shawn Mendez| "Means A Lot To Me."

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--- Hello, this was requested by Jackie_Lynn_Todd I hope you liked this

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--- Hello, this was requested by Jackie_Lynn_Todd I hope you liked this. I tried my best aha

The breeze gently moved her hair behind her, dancing with the strands of the H/C locks. She breathed in the cold air, smiling and exhaling soon after.

Her nimble fingers gently plucked the metallic strings, causing the melodic sound of her guitar to echo evenly, as she played the complex beginning of the tune.

'I wanna follow where he goes
I think about him and he knows it
I wanna let him take control
'Cause everytime that he gets close, yeah'

Her voice was soft and delicate as it smoothly blended with the guitar she held carefully in her hand.

'He pulls me in enough to keep me guessing
And maybe I should stop and start confessing
Confessing, yeah'

She looked up for a moment, her E/C orbs catching the sunlight as she continued to sing, her foot tapping slowly to the beat, keeping herself in time. She smiled and looked back down again.

'Oh, I've been shaking
I love it when you go crazy
You take all my inhibitions
Baby, there's nothing holding me back'

Little did she know who had joined her on the other side of the tree. He listened to her voice and the way her fingers were dancing along the fretboard. He peered round every now and then, trying to catch a glance of her features, however with her back turned this proved difficult.

He took in the features he could. She had H/L H/C hair which gently moved with the small breeze that flew around the two. She clearly knew how to play guitar, and she had a beautiful voice to accompany her playing.

'You take me places that tear up my reputation
Manipulate my decisions
Baby, there's nothing holding me back
There's nothing holding me back
There's nothing holding me back'

He continued to listen as he smiled, reciting his lyrics that she sung so well, and with meaning. He couldn't help but want to know her story, what had happened to her and why she now sat here.

It seemed almost fate that she was there right now. Singing his song that obviously meant something to her.

'He says that he's never afraid
Just picture everybody naked
He really doesn't like to wait
Not really into hesitation'

He debated on joining in with her, yet feared he would throw her off.  What he was listening to was bliss, he didn't want to change that.

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