The Beginning

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I'm shaken awake by Carmen and she points at the doors.
"There open, the intercom came on and said its dinner time." She says and I get up still with out my shirt. What's going on with Sebastian? When am I getting a shirt?
"Where's Sebastian?" I ask and Carmen shakes her head and shrugs her shoulders.
"Maybe he's already there?" I offer and Carmen nods. We walk out side by side, brave, well, that's until we realized there was at least thirty different people mostly boys around my age. We all go into a cafeteria and sit down as instructed. There's security everywhere with Colt M4 carbines...
"Hello everyone, I bet your wondering why we have 'borrowed'-." This choice of words immediately sparked an out burst of yelling and banging on the tables. Suddenly all the guards shoot their guns in the air, one bullet ricocheting, killing a young boy to my right next to me causing me to yelp loudly as everybody screams from the loud bang of the guns. Carmen ducks into my side. She's kinda cute... NO BAD WOLF you barely know her!
"Continuing, we need strong people to help win this war, we have been searching the continent for strong fighters, people left by their families. So we chose you. Consider yourselves lucky, your lives will be spared the most gruesome deaths. You will be trained by the best of the best. The alphas of Alphas the top wolf shall I say." He looks straight at me as he says that I shift uncomfortably in my seat. He continues.
"I'm going to call your names one by one and you will come up here and you will be given a number and a new identity."
"Mangis, Alexandra." I zone out and think about the place... Was this even legal?! After about an hour I'm called up and I relax and walk up.
"Wolf, Hunter, Catanga." He says loudly. Everyone in the cafe gasps loudly. I wince at the attention.
"Your name will now be Lone Wolf in the field and 329 otherwise." He says and hands me my ID. I nod and walk down the steps and grab my lunch. Steak and potatoes, I don't eat meat... I growl and decide not to eat today... I sit back down and look at Carmen who is up getting her new identity.
"Carmen, Rose, Cortez." Everyone gasps hearing her last name."You will now be known as Raven in the field and 241 otherwise." He says and hands her her ID. She smiles and walks down and skips dinner.
"Why aren't you eating?" I ask her.
"Vegetarian." She answers. "You?"
"Sweet." I get up and pace back and forth.
"HEY CATANGA!" A voice yells at me. I growl at my  surname.
"What?" I snarl at the person and get a punch in the face. I stagger and fall. Suddenly the guy who punched me is knocked out making everyone shout and extremely hyper. I look up and see a pissed off Carmen reaching out a hand to me.
"Damn... Your a badass..." I breathe out. I swear that if this was a cartoon, Carmen would have steam coming out of her head. And after the steam her whole body would be blushing, she looks at me and blushes as I take her hand.
"You alright Wolf?" She asks glaring at the others daring them to come closer. A guard cat calls her and she turns around red in the face.
"REALLY??!! SOMEONE COULD HAVE DIED AND THATS ALL YOU DO!!?? DO YOU EVEN CARE ABOUT US WE DON'T EVEN KNOW EACH OTHER!!" She screams loudly. A couple of the adults in the room laugh nervously.
"Carmen, calm down it's alright."
"Where the hell is Sebastian..." She whispers lightly.
"Follow me Foxy." Another guard says.
"Do NOT call me Foxy." She snarls." Wolf come on..." She says and I walk down the hall. Carmen following the guard and I'm following her. We walk into a health room and he's laying in bed sleeping... Or dead...
"We can't get him to wake up... He's been out since the sedatives... Those last thirty minutes, it's been almost 42 hours... We need another hospital bed we're gonna cut him off from the fluids and medical treatment... I'm sorry he's gone..." The guard says not sounding sorry at all.
"NO! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!" I scream. I run towards his bed and grab his hand, ice cold... There's only one thing I can think of.. It's been years since I've thought of God even then I never really believed.
"Please, God please." I whisper. Carmen hears me and kneels next to the bed and begins her own prayer." I know I've never really believed you before but I need you.. Please he's dying. Bring him back, I know I don't really know him but please bring him back. I'm sorry I've doubted you. I can't lose him. Amen..." I end tears falling slowly down my cheeks.
"-In Jesus name we pray, Amen." I hear Carmen end. I reach down and grab Carmen's hand squeezing it. The heart monitor hiccups and I feel Sebastian's chest move up and down slowly, he's breathing. I cry out in pure happiness. Jumping down I pick Carmen up and spin her around in the air. I put her down and start laughing. The guard clears his throat awkwardly. Immediately I blush embarrassed. Carmen brushes her hair out of her face and smiles.
"I don't know what kind of crap just happened but he's alive so I'm gonna just say it's a coincidence." He says and motions us out of the room. As we walk back into the café the guy Carmen knocked out has woken up and looks at us, smirking he stands and walks over to us.
"So Mr. Catanga-."
"That's not my name..." I snarl... "That's my fathers name..."
"Yeah well you bear the name also... Why are you here... You gonna kill everyone like you daddy?" He snarls. I lunge at him but Carmen holds me back." And you Cortez." He spits out." I bet your proud of your name. Your brother probably doesn't even know you exist. Tanner... Wasn't that his name?"
"DO NOT SPEAK OF HIM!" She roars scaring me from the amount of ferocity laced in her voice. This time I pull her back as she jumps at the maniac.
"GUARD!" The guy yells.
"Yes?" Asks a annoyed guy.
"These two are harassing me."
"Come with me." He says slowly.
"What?!" I yell." He started it!"
"And I'm ending it." He growls. I walk over to him and he grabs the back of my neck throwing me out of the room...
He throws me into a room and locks the door.
"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!" I yell at him.
"Well I think I'm hot and badass, but you can call me Tanner."

CLIFFHANGERRRRRR dont kill me...

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