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And so there you have Deathless.

I hope you enjoyed it. Although it was fairly brutal and miserable, I did enjoy writing it. It was an idea I'd had for a little while now, and something I'd been looking forward to writing. The idea of being in agony, and not being able to escape it, not through painkillers, nor passing out, not even through death, is a pretty horrifying concept.

And naturally I wanted to take that in a few different directions. Although I certainly could have gone farther, I thought that having a decapitation would be a pretty interesting thing to write about. I tried to come up with something weird and cool, but honestly it was hard to write from the perspective of an otherwise regular person who is awake, aware, and carrying their own decapitated head.

I was also excited to explore both the veterans of this chaos, Drake and Greg, and the rookies who were looking to take on a 'real' challenge for the first time. It gave me a lot of opportunities for differing perspectives, and also for differing psychological fuckery. Ash, and the cybernetic demon that haunted it, certainly loved to fuck with them.

Originally, I was only going to have the Deathless be the enemies, with some creepy elements and aspects. But I soon decided that no, I needed something else. So I began coming up with the creatures. All of the monsters that appear in the novel I had to come up with pretty much right then and there, as I was writing the scene. Hopefully they were cool.

It was also a lot of fun to cut loose with the setting. I threw in just a bunch of crazy-ass shit that I'd had on my mind for a few years now, but no real place to put it to use: giant, mountain-sized things shifting in the distance, pillars of flame jetting a mile into the sky, a dead sun rising, stuff like that.

So, obviously the protagonists are going to have some problems now.

Time to read all about it in the next book, Into the Void! See you there, and I hope you enjoyed the book.

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