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Because she was always there to lend an ear

The next morning had been one of the best that Evie had ever woken up to. Izzy's perfectly defined arms were wrapped around her body. She had not had a nights sleep like that in what felt like ages. Perhaps she was a little biased considering the work of art which was slowly waking up next to her. But who would not be happy to have Isabelle Lightwood wake up next to them? She turned so that she could see Izzy's face. Her hand trailed along the girls face slowly moving a stray hair that had fallen to cover her cheeks. Though this slight movement had woken Izzy up. 

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." Evie whispered not wanting to force the girl to wake up any faster. Though Izzy only proceeded to open her eyes slightly faster and look at Evie instead. 

"I don't mind, especially if it's you" She responded moving a hand to play with a lock of Evie's hair that was in close distance to herself. The two didn't move for a while. Neither wanting to move and end whatever it was that was happening between them. But they had. They knew it wasn't long until someone came looking for them and they didn't want to know what would happen if it was someone other than Alec who stumbled upon the two. Eventually, Evie pulled herself away going to check her phone as Izzy stretched and raced to the bathroom, claiming it on her way. Evie sat back down on her bed hearing the shower turn on as Izzy got herself ready for the day following. It mustn't have been more than twenty minutes later when she walked out dressed and all ready for the day. 

"Hot" Evie let out underneath her breath not expecting Izzy to hear it. Though that was not the way fate was going to let her live. Izzy winked at her and this caused a small blush to work its way up her face. Izzy pushed her towards the bathroom claiming to find her the perfect outfit whilst she was in the shower and suggesting that she shave everything just in case the outfit called for it. 

Obeying everything she was told to do Evie walked out fifteen minutes later to collect the clothes without a second glance as to what they were. Pulling the clothes on she noticed it was a dark green coloured shirt with the sleeves rolled up to just above her elbows. This was partnered with a high wasted black skater skirt that fell more like a mini skirt not that she was objecting. She wore a pair of nude tights and a pair of brown brogues. She put on a natural make up look which was another way of saying she could not be bothered to do a full face of makeup. 

By the time she came out of the bathroom Izzy too had done her makeup and was sitting waiting patiently on her bed. She received a small whistle as she spun to show the outfit off. The two linked arms before heading downstairs to make themselves breakfast. 

After eating together they separated as Izzy went to go do the tasks that important shadow hunters do and Evie went to look for the gardens she had discovered only a day or two ago. She sat on a bench between the bushes of flowers calmly. The night before had put her in what she could have considered the best mood she had been in since the other side of reality had been introduced to her a couple of weeks ago. Her peace was interrupted by her phone ringing. It was a name she was not used to appearing on her phone. 

'Simon?" She questioned not expecting it to truly be him. 

'Evie, I don't think I've ever been so glad to hear your voice ever!' He exclaimed

'I'm going to pretend that, that did not hurt even the slightest'

'No, no, no that's not what I meant to say. I need your help and I didn't know where else to go. Something's wrong. Ever since I left the hotel something's not been right" He explained and Evie began to listen carefully. She didn't want to say anything wrong and make the boy more upset than he was beforehand. 

'It's okay I'm listening whatever you want to say, okay Simon? I'm not going to judge. You know exactly what's been going on in my life I have no right to judge.' Evie said hoping to coax something out of him.

'I can do things I couldn't do beforehand. I'm stupidly strong, I can do acrobatics that I've never been trained in. I'm so much paler than before. Honestly, I think I'm turning into a Vampire' Simon explained and Evie remained quiet attempting to process the information she was being told. 

'So first thing, that's not a completely bizarre idea you've got there. I mean there might be something you've not told me about your time in the hotel which could lead to it. But I'm not going to question you about what happened if your not sure about what it is. But don't worry whatever happens you'll still be the same, Simon. The Simon that I'm actually proud to call my friend and the Simon that for some reason is hopelessly in love with my sister. Even if I do think that you would be better off with other people.' Evie commented attempting to put some form of confidence back into him but by the sounds of it, nothing she would say was going to work. The two continued to talk about other things nothing as much so serious but it was something to distract him from the thinking which would only make things worse for him. 

'Evie, if... if... if something horrible was to happen to me. Like I was dying and the only way around it was that I actually turned into a vampire. Could you... um... could you promise me something? Could you promise not to let that happen? Promise me that you'll let me die and allow my mother to bury me in the way I deserve to be. I don't want to live forever.' Simon stated

'I can't promise to ensure it. But I'll promise I'll try my hardest to stop it from happening. You deserve to have your wishes' Evie claimed before they said their goodbyes. 

She then sat there contemplating on how the boy she had known since childhood had the possibility of not being around for much longer.  

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