Part 6: Infiltration

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[Name]'s POV

"We're here!... and it's raining," I add on while looking around Tapu Village. "Alola, [Name]," Hau smiles and I walk over to him. "Alola," I giggle and he blushes. "L-look. We're almost to the Aether House where the Captain for the next Trial is supposed to be," he states while looking behind him at a path with some stairs leading up. "Mount Lanakila lies this way, too," I hum and my friend grins. "It's hard to imagine that a Pokémon League will be all the way up there on the peak. Is it true that the Leagues in the other regions have four crazy-strong Trainers to battle called the Elite Four?" he asks, his eyes sparkling.

"Yeah. Then you get to battle the Champion who's even stronger," I tell him and he hums. "I wonder who's stronger the Elite Four or the Island Kahunas," he taps his chin and I chuckle. "Not to be rude, but the Elite Four are much stronger usually. Though the Trials here can be harder than some of the Gyms in the other regions," I explain and he looks at me. "[Name]... what was the toughest battle you ever fought?" he asks and I smile, remembering a battle that was fought on Mount Silver. "That would be the battle with a dear friend of mine, named Red. He was my toughest battle to date," I tell him and his eyes widen. "Wow... he must be really strong," Hau mumbles and I chuckle "He is. If you ever get the chance, do battle him."

"Alola, [Name] and Hau," I look over to see Soliera and Phyco beside us. "Alola," Hau and I nod to them. "So this is Tapu Village. We need to learn everything we can about them. There are many stories in its past, but the one we focus on, is when the Blinding One battled against Tapu in this spot," Phyco combs his mustache. "It's believed the power that came pouring out of the Ultra Wormhole at the time may be the source of the Z-Moves' power. The light of the Blinding One. The light Necrozma can wield is truly amazing", Soliera smirks.

"Our ancestors were greedy, though. They only sought to control all of Necrozma's light. They hurt it, left it incomplete, and in such a poor state that it went mad with fury. And due to that, our light was stolen by Necrozma," Phyco frowns, the rain starting to fall harder. "Thankfully, our world is at peace now because of Megalo Tower, which contains the Blinding One. But, it's to believe that the tower is reaching its limit. And Necrozma... hungers for light," Soliera murmurs and I chew on my bottom lip. "It may run wild in its fury, but it did give us light once many years ago. So we would like to help restore the Blinding One to its true form. But... we lack any idea on how to do that. If you learn anything, please do share with us," Phyco nods before him and Soliera leave.

"So are they bad or not?" Hau asks and I shrug. "I don't know, but as long as they work with Lusamine, we don't help them," I tell him and he nods. "It is rather sad their light was stolen," Hau says before walking away. I hum in agreement and walk over to the Pokémon Center, healing my Pokémon and buying a few more Potions. "Time to head out," I mutter while walking through the small village and onto Route 15. "The Aether House. That's where I need to be," I mumble while walking up the stairs to the crisp and pristine white building. I open the door at the top and walk inside, looking around to find no one there.

"[Name]," Hau states and I look over my shoulder to see him walking through the front door. "So, this is the Aether House?" he asks when two screams fill the air. "Strangers!" two children shout and run over to us. Hau and I cock an eyebrow and they grin and clasp their hands together. "We get to battle!" they giggle and Hau's eyebrows furrow. "What?!" he asks quickly. "We protect our home when Acerola's away," they tell us and Hau and I each take on one of the children. Our battles end quickly, the children not being much of a challenge. "Hey, uh... if I won, why is this thing still gnawing on me?" Hau points down at the Yungoos who has its mouth on his ankle.

I giggle when the front door to the house opens. "I'm back, everyone!" Acerola exclaims and walks inside the house. "Seems I finished my shopping spree right on time. I see you've met everyone," she giggles while looking at Hau and I. "Yeah, in battle..." I trail off and frown. "Where's Lillie?" I ask and she smiles. "She's with Hapu, they should be coming soon," she says and I sigh in relief. "But while you are here. Let's get those Trials done. You do know I'm the Captain, correct?" she asks and I chuckle. "I figured. You seemed like one," I tell her and she giggles.

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