Off limits; Kyle Kuzma

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Kyle's P.O.V.

"Why are we doing this again?" I asked Randle as we sat in the lobby of our hotel.

He chuckled and shrugged.
"To meet fans man. Get some coffee. Maybe that'll wake your ass up."

I rolled my eyes and leaned back, looking at the little coffee shop nustled on the side of the lobby to the right of me.

"You got any cash on you?"

"You don't have your card?"

"I left it in the room. I was in kind of a rush this morning."

"You were in a rush cause you overslept and you overslept because you were in the club all night trying to get with a girl that wouldn't even look in your direction." He laughed.

I sighed as I saw Lonzo walk towards the coffee shop.
"Whatever nigga." I said rolling my eyes and getting up.

Lonzo dapped me up as I walked over.
"Wassup Kuz!"

"Wassup my mans."

"Your up? That's surprising." He chuckled.


"Cause you were up all night popping bottles and tryna get with that fine ass Puerto Rican that was way to cute for your ugly ass."

I rolled my eyes and punched his shoulder.
"Shut the fuck yo. Can you buy me some coffee?"

"Where's your money at bitch?"

"Left it in the room."

He nodded and chuckled.
"I gotchu. What do you want?"

"Just regular black coffee."

He nodded and I turned just in time to see a fine ass girl walk through the entrance of the hotel.

He nodded and I turned just in time to see a fine ass girl walk through the entrance of the hotel

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When I tell you she was looking fine..I mean FINE.
She had caramel colored skin, with long curly hair tucked into a low ponytail. She had on a crop top and a pair of shorts which highlighted all her big assets. Something about this girl captivated me instantly. I watched her walk off to the side, and pull out her phone. She looked like she was waiting for someone.
I bit my lip as she smiled in my direction.
Damn her teeth white as hell.
My eyes scanned her body, from her beautiful face to her fat ass.
"Damn" I mumbled.

"Don't think about it." Lonzo said breaking my thoughts and handing me my cup of coffee.

"What?" I asked, still staring at her amazing body.

"That's Brandon's little sister. She's off limits."

I scoffed.
"Off limits my ass."

I went over to talk to her when Brandon got in my way.
"Where you going Kuz?"

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