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It was a beautiful morning as Leah woke up humming to herself. Today is the day she said to herself and went for a shower. She took a warm and luxurious bath, soaking herself in the scents of Vanilla and Lavender. She lay there in the warm water and thinking about her day ahead.

Leah shared her 2 bedroom flat with her college friend Gemma. Today however Leah was going to go to the lodge in the woods that was owned by Gemma's boyfriend. She was going to spend a romantic weekend with her boyfriend Carl, away from the chaos of the city.

What made her excited was that she had never met Carl before, she had met him on an online dating site and even though tried chatting over the webcam there was always a problem either her connection wasn't strong or his webcam wasn't working.

When Leah had suggested that they email pictures of each other Carl had suggested to let things remain as they were, it would be really exciting. Leah agreed, she had always been a rebellion and one of those girls who dared to different things, fooolish but different. And she had her safety covered, Nathan, Gemma's boyfriend had told Leah that the lodge had a lot of hunting guns and he hadn't given her the key to the cabinet. Leah had decided she would keep it with herself at all times.

Also Gemma would call Leah every hour to check on her. So yeah basically Leah had it all covered but she knew that Carl wouldn't harm her. She was as crazy about him as he was about her.

She washed her shoulder length blonde hair with her favorite raspberry shampoo and proceeded to put conditioner. She tweezed her eyebrows and made sure her limbs were shaved. She was set alright, she smiled at her image and blew herself a kiss and hugged herself.

She got out and put on a pair of capris and a loose T shirt, she blow dried her hair and went out to the kitchen. She saw Gemma and Nathan cuddled with each other on the couch and shook her head at them. They probably fell asleep on it last night. She went to the kitchen and started singing, "I gotta feeling, tonight's gonna be a good night, tonight's gonna be a good good night!"

"Well you seem to be in a good mood" said Gemma walking in.

"Hey! I'm just excited is all" said Leah smiling from ear to ear.

"Whoa! I just hope this Carl deserves it!"

"Oh he's awesome! I will get him home tomorrow to meet you guys!"

"Be careful and keep your phone on at all time, I don't care what you are doing!"

"Ewww get out of my private space!"

Gemma laughed and hugged her, "Have fun sweety you deserve it"

"I will and you and Nathan enjoy. You guys have the home all to yourselves. Only when you guys use my bed change my sheets!"

"Ewwww" said Nathan, entering the kitchen "get out of our private space!"

Gemma and Leah started laughing. 

Leah went back to her room to pack an overnight bag. She packed a pair of cute shorts to lounge around and a white T shirt. She made sure to pack the new bra and panties she had brought from her last shopping trip with Gemma and her bag of toileteries. In another hour she was all set to go.

She got into her car and drove off towards the woods. Carl would be reaching about the same time as her he was travelling down from the nearby town. Leah zoomed down the roads, enjoying the view and in about 2 hours reached the lodge. She had to navigate through a lot of trees and had to park a good 20 feet from the lodge as there was no path for her to drive through. She took her bag and locked her car and went on inside the cabin.

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