Chapter One

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Thank you so much for clicking on my story and giving it a go, I was so nervous to put this out there for everyone to see but I'm glad I have!

Okay so I thought I'd let you all know now that I use the nickname 'little mate' in this story so if it bugs you then please don't leave hateful comments on here. I worked really hard on this and it upsets me when people say they don't like it. Thanks!

Just to warn you there is a tiny bit of physical abuse and name calling in this chapter, nothing to extreme though.

I wasn't a stranger for pain, far from it actually. I couldn't remember a time that I wasn't in some form of pain, whether it was emotional or physical I had felt it all.

My first experience of pain was when a stranger turned up at my door with a sad expression on their face telling me that my mummy and daddy weren't coming back after they had gone out to one of their galas. No one knows what happened to them and everyone stopped looking for them pretty quickly. I was only 5 at the time and I have been on my own ever since.

I now lived with my foster family, if you can call them that, on the other side of town from my old family home.

"Annabelle where the hell are my work clothes! They should have been washed, ironed and hung up in my wardrobe by now you know that" my foster father screamed at me as he stalked forward, getting into my personal space and before I could explain that I had already done it and that he was, in fact, looking in the wrong part of his wardrobe he had slapped me across the face.

I fell to the floor with the force of it and cradled my burning cheek with my hand, feeling the heat that my skin was already omitting. "I did Sir it is in the other side of your wardrobe, remember you had me reorganise it yesterday for you".

"Are you calling me a liar" he hissed and I looked up from where I was on the floor to see his face contort with anger, his eyebrow raised and arms crossed as if he couldn't believe that I was questioning him.

I cursed in my head, I knew to never question anything they say as it always landed me in more trouble whether I was right or not. "No sir, I will go find it for you now sir...sorry sir" I muttered as I got up to find his missing suit but as I got up he kicked my legs out from under me and as one of my hands was still clutching my burning cheek I didn't have enough time to catch my fall and I head butted the wall opposite me, leaving me with a bad headache and an even worse bruise.

"And never question me again you little maggot or you'll get a lot more than that" he sneered before walking off towards the staircase.

I sighed, used to this kind of treatment by now, and made my way over to his and his wife's room. The house that I lived in was actually really beautiful with full glass walls to let in as much light as possible and shades of beige and cream across the floors and ceiling, it make the whole house seem open and inviting. To bad I was the one that had to polish that glass everyday and hoover those carpets until they were as fluffy as the day they bought them.

I slowly made my way into the master bedroom, slightly worried that my step mother Natalie would be in there but sighed in relief when I didn't get a response from my knocking. The last thing I needed was a beating from her too.

I went into their walk in wardrobe and quickly found the suit he was looking for before swiftly exiting their room and making my way down stairs so give it to him.

As I was making my way down the stairs I was suddenly shoved into the banister of the staircase by Damon, Natalie and Peters son, as he too started making his way into the kitchen.

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