chapter 12

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The episode starts with anika leaving Shiom coming seeing them rudra run towards them and hug them tightly

Shiom cares his face both had tears in their eyes to see their baby brother safe

Shivaay :rudy are you ok how did you reach here

Rudra:bhai anika di brought me here

Nani:rudra beta who came

Rudra:nani this is my first brother shivaay and my second brother om  bhai this anika di Nani and our dadi friend

Shiom greeted her and took her blessing

Om:where is anika?

Nani:she went to her mother grave yard  you people come we will have breakfast

Just than a group of 4 cars came there

About, Neil and Ranveer gets out from the car and rush into the house

Inside the house Nani just dialled anika number she got schoked seeing her 3 grandsons with anger

Just anika pick the call before she could answer

Nani:abhi beta, Neil beta ranveer beta what a surprise

Hearing her brothers name anika gets schoked hearing their names shivaay om and rudra came out

Neil:where is Anu?

Nani:beta please calm down

Ranveer :we know she is here where is she

Abhi:nani you know what she is to us she is not only my sister but also my daughter tell us where is she

Anika is having teares in her eyes hearing this

Voice:than why you all are torturing her

Mehata brothers turn towards the voice  they see Oberios brother there it was shivaay voice

Shivaay:when she is our home as a wedding planner you know how happy she was all her smile reach her eyes when she is at your home she use to smile her smile didn't reach eyes have you guys ever noted it

Om:in our house we all treated as our family members she was free bird  she never told that she misses you you know how happy she was but the day when you took back she pretended to be happy but she was never happy

Just than neil noticed that her grandma phone was on call the caller is anu

Ranveer:enough of your speech she is our sister and we know about her and we know how to take care of her you people no need to give lecture

Neil snatched the phone from his grandma and says Anu get ready to go to mehata mansion

Anika got schoked she dropped phone there and went to her mother grave and started to cry

Anika:why mom why why bhai is doing like this because of me 2 people's died I can't live with this guilt I will come to you she starts beat her head in the marble stone of the grave

Anika and shivaay marriage

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