Part 9: Drinking Challenge

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- Lucy's p.o.v.

After the apartment debacle (Yes I made sure it was spelled correcet) I went to the guild and I saw Erza talking to Mira I felt a pang of jealousy go through me and a tic mark on my head I walked over to the bar and asked for some whiskey and Erza looked at me puzzled so did Mira. I got my drink and chugged it and asked for another after about my tenth one I was beyond drunk and I saw cana walk over to me this is where everything becomes fuzzy.

-Erza's p.o.v.

Lucy sat down and started drinking like crazy Mira and I looked at each other and back at Lucy who was chugging down whiskey like nothing. About her tenth glass cana walked over and I knew this wouldn't be good, "Lluuuccyy I challenge you to a drink off who ever wins gets ...'hiccup'... 50,000 jewel!" "Yyyoouurr on ...'hiccup'... cana!" I heard Lucy say Mira, the guild, and I watched there challenge.

- No one's p.o.v.

Lucy grabbed a barrel and so did cana and they started drinking Lucy finished a barrel first then went to the next barrel cana right behind her who grabbed her second barrel. Lucy finished her 2nd just as fast as her first and grabbed a third barrel, Cana's eyes widened as Lucy polished off her 2nd moving on to the next. After Cana finished her 3rd barrel moved to the 4th but Lucy was on her 5th, Cana finished her 4th and felt light headed and grabbed her 5th, Lucy was now on her 7th barrel when Cana passed out and Lucy won. Everyone was shocked that Lucy beat Cana, no one beats Cana in a drinking battle. Lucy turned to Erza and smiled evilly and hugged her, "d-did you ...'hic'... see that Erzy Wrzy I ...'hic'... won, now I'm ...'hic'... better than Mira. Now ...'hic'... you'll like me not her ...'hic'..." Erza and Mira sat there shocked and looked at each other Erza shrugged and picked up Lucy bridal style out of the guild. "I love you ...'hic'... My little Erzy Wrzy!" Lucy leaned in and fell asleep on Erza's chest Erza smiled and walked into Lucy's apartment. Erza laid Lucy down and smiled but the blonde pulled Erza down on top of her keeping her there "Jeez Erzy your suck a perv" Lucy giggled and kissed Erza. Erza was stuck there kissing Lucy so she kissed back and tasted the alcohol on her breath 'Jesus I have never seen Lucy this drunk... or ever drunk! Erza pushed Lucy off of her Lucy growled and started crying and just sat there crying water falls. Erza needed to the think fast "Sorry Lucy" Erza said and punched Lucy's intoxicated self knocking her out, Erza got up and laid Lucy back down before sighing and jumped out Lucy's window, Erza smiled and walked away to the guild.  

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