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Calm The Fire: 64

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“May I inquire into something?” Thorin asked while stepping by her side.

“What? What is it?” Her eyes didn't look up at him but instead flicked around everything they passed.

“This place was really your home?”

“It was fair and great once upon a time. There was green grass. Fair leaves grew on the trees. And those trees were full of life, and they were beautiful. Birds nested in them, sung and flew about without a care in the world. And then it changed.” She explained while finally looking at him. “Decay, darkness and death. Have you noticed, nothing is growing here. Nothing grows here anymore. Everything is dying. My uncle,” she waved a hand casually in the air, Thorin frowned, her uncle he remembered all too well without her bringing him up. “Moved and secured a small area. It is safe, relatively, and we have thrived there for quite some time.”

“But,” Thorin said, there was obviously a downer to the latter part of her words.

“But...even that is being threatened and you know what...I honestly don't think Thranduil wholly cares all that much.” She scrunched her nose up in thought. “You know, I got that presumption. As long as he was fine, then everything is fine.” Thorin raised an eyebrow, he hadn't ever heard her speak so loosely of her uncle before. Before a long time ago, she wouldn't dare speak about him in such a way. The atmosphere was slowly starting to affect her too, he figured.

Grinning suddenly she looked at him. “I wished nothing more than to avoid coming through here. I hoped your quest wouldn't involve Mirkwood. I didn't want you to see my homeland.”


“Because yours was so grand, and peaceful. Full of life, and interesting characters.” She smiled fondly. “There was so much to see, and such little time. Mine...is hostile, dark, cruel and harsh. And anything here can and probably will kill you or harm you in some degree.”

“You're ashamed of where you come from?”

“No, I’m ashamed of what it's become. There's a difference.” Náriel said while holding up her hand. “I'll be right back.”

“Where are you going?”

Smiling she jumped up onto an uprooted tree and turned to look at him. “I'm going to look out. Last time I came this way I had trouble crossing. I’ll be right back, I promise.” Giving him a sure nod she quickly darted off the sounds of the company soon ebbed away. Sound didn't travel far in this place. Frowning and tilting her head to the side she gave a sure nod. Another reason why she came over this way was to make sure she was leading them in the right direction. After deciding she was, she turned and ran back to where she had left Thorin and the rest of the group.

“All right,” Náriel said while pulling herself up onto the uprooted tree, standing up she brushed herself down. Watching as pieces of bark dropped soundlessly to the floor she looked up. Her expression went slack. Where she left everyone, all that remained now was open space. Turning on her heels she looked around, squinting through the darkness she turned again.

“Thorin?” She called out and got no reply. Jumping down she ran forwards and looked around as she did so. Looking down to the ground she frowned deeply. There weren't even any tracks marking the ground that she could follow. It was as if the company had simply disappeared into thin air. “Thorin?!” She shouted louder while cupping her hands to her mouth. Skidding to a halt she shook her head. “No, no, I was given one task! One task!” She smacked herself on the forehead and continued to curse at herself. She stood stock still though as she heard a creak.

“If I were you, I wouldn't go no further. Turn slowly, and don't try reaching for your weapons. It wouldn't end well for you if you tried.” Náriel held up her hands and slowly turned. She looked at the sight of the arrow being pointed at her with a wide eyed expression. As soon as the owner saw who she was, the arrow was promptly put away and the bow was slung over a shoulder.

“Náriel! Gwannas lû and.”

“Iston, Legolas.” Náriel said quietly. “Iston...” She trailed off quietly and looked up at her cousin in front of her. He didn't look any different. Though he looked her up and down as if she had undergone a great change. It was in this moment of silence that Náriel realized she must have ran further into the woodland than she first originally thought.

“Na man anug?” Legolas calmly asked while his blue eyes looked at her sternly. Do not get him wrong, he was pleased to see her, though he was also confused as to why and how she was here. Seeing as how the figure he had spied flitting through the trees was her he'd quickly dropped speaking Westernesse. Náriel looked up at him, not answering. “Am man oduleg hi?” Legolas shifted his weight from one foot to the other and looked down at her. She looked up at him sadly. “Being silent does you no favours.” Tilting his head to the side he nodded sharply, Náriel frowned at the sight of another Elf who appeared from up in the trees.

“Aphado nin,” the Elf said while stepping forwards.

Náriel looked from him then to Legolas. “Sen i mâr nîn!” She exclaimed honestly and a little desperately, she wanted to at least answer one of Legolas's questions before being escorted elsewhere.

“Náriel,” Legolas looked at her, he was silent for a few moments contemplating over her words. Frowning lightly he shook his head and looked from her then to the other Elf present. “Follow Aranhi.” Náriel wasn't wholly pleased to see Aranhi again. “I cannot escort you back to the palace. Therefore Aranhi shall. I have other matters to attend to. Like your companions,” Legolas looked up and over her shoulder, above them the quiet patter of running feet could be heard. His eyes slid down to look at her. “You return back to cause problems.”

“I do not wish to cause problems. Honestly,” she stepped forwards. “Legolas-”

“We shall speak later,” he said honestly and quietly and even gave her a rare light smile. Reaching out he put a hand on her shoulder. “Go.”

Putting a hand over his Náriel smiled. “I have missed you.” The small smile from earlier on grew slightly on his features before he returned back to having an indifferent expression. He gave a nod and gently nudged her over to stand near Aranhi. Giving the two of them one last look he quickly ran forward and joined the other Elves which were running through the trees.



It has been too long - Gwannas lû and

Where did you go? - Na man anug?

Why are you here? - Am man oduleg hi?

Follow me - Aphado nin

I know - Iston

This is my home - Sen i mâr nîn

(A/N: Ok, ok, we have one reunion down, no more cliff hangers! Woop! Right, I openly admit writing Thranduil and Náriel's reunion is filling me with minor dread. But I’d dearly like to think though - that through his seriousness - Legolas wouldn't be that serious at seeing Náriel again. Ya'll related after all! xD Updated before work! Any errors let me know and I'll get round to editing them later/tomorrow! :D)

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