*Request* Experiments (Donnie x Turtle!Reader)

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"We've gotta get her back. Mikey, do you know how to wipe the Kraang computers?" Leo asked.

"Yep!" He said proudly. Ever since Dimension X he's known more about how to access their things. I was kind of jealous to be honest.

"Alright, Donnie you get her back to the lair. We'll catch up with you." Leo said.


"Donnie, based on what you said she possibly doesn't have enough time for us to argue. You've gotta get her to safety." Leo said. I knew he was right. I nodded and hurried to escape with her. 

I escaped from the base and I hurried home with her. I wondered how the Kraang had done this. Was it possible that they had somehow gotten their hands on our DNA? No, it couldn't be...right?

Leo's POV

We kept going and soon we made it to the data room. Mikey hacked in and before he could wipe the data we were shocked by what we found. Mikey had found what looked like a data log of our DNA! 

"How could they have gotten their hands on this!?" Raph said. I remembered not long ago when we'd lost a battle with the Kraang. We'd gotten hurt and I was pretty sure each of us had something that was bleeding.

"The fights! They created that girl! They were trying to make a replica!" I said.

"Ya think?!" Raph said.

"Mikey, wipe it!" I said. He nodded and we got rid of everything they had. We then hurried to escape. We got away and then we headed home. Donnie had to know about this.

Donnie's POV

I got here back and when I got there Master Splinter was waiting for me and the rest of the guys.

"Donatello? Where are you're brothers?" He asked.

"I had to come back with this girl. I don't know how it's possible, but I think the Kraang tried to replicate us. Still, they were hurting her and Leo told me to bring her back here to help her." I explained. He nodded.

"Then we must get her into a better condition." He said. We went to my lab and he helped me patch her up. She'd been knocked out for awhile now. I was glad she was still breathing though. Soon enough we finished and the guys got back.

"Did you guys wipe the computers?" I asked.

"Yes we did!" Mikey said.

"But we know how she was created. She was meant to be a replica. They somehow got their hands onto our DNA." Leo said. 

"I'm not surprised. I had the same idea." I replied. 

"That does not matter. You boys did what you had to and saved a life in the process. You did well, my sons." Splinter said. I felt better when he said that. 

I got some rest afterwards. I was honestly worried about her. I hoped she wake up soon, but I couldn't stay up any longer. I was beat myself. I covered up and relaxed. It always did feel nice to do this at the end of a long day. Soon enough I fell asleep.

Your POV

*9 hours later*

You groaned. Your eyes hurt as you opened them and they adjusted to their surroundings again. Your vision cleared and you spotted what looked like some lab tech and chemicals on a work table not far away. Where....where am I? You wondered. More experiments? You wondered. No...this place isn't Kraang like at all. What happened? Why am I here? You had no idea what was going on, but your body and head hurt too much to care at the moment. You took a minute and tried to sit up. Painful stings shot through your body. 

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