Daddy's girl

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(before i start this chapter i firstly, wanna thank you for 2k reads it doesn't feel that long ago we hit 1k i really do appreciate everyone's support and i know i have been slacking on updating i think it could be because riverdale isn't there to motivate me or give me chapter ideas :)) secondly the title of this chapter isn't what you think sorry to disappoint but anyway on to the main reason your here the story :)

Just as things start looking up for Celestia she soon falls from cloud nine because what goes up must come down. it was the morning after the couple had fallen asleep in each others arms from the extravagant night they had previously had with fangs's ex. she was awoken from her slumber by the buzzing of a phone on a bedside table she looked over her side to see her phone screen black it obviously couldn't be hers and assumed it was her boyfriend's who's was on the other she tapped the arms that were firmly wrapped around her waist and whispered "sweet" she got no reply she hit him harder and spoke a little louder "sweet your phones ringing" he still didn't reply so she leaned over his tall frame and retrieved the phone pressing the button in the process not bothering to check the caller id

"hey sweet peas phone how can i help you? " she said with a laugh laced in her voice when the voice on the other line she instantly knew who it was and her smile soon dropped it was Fp "wait Celestia what are you doing at sweet pea's trailer you better not be doing what i think your doing" she blushed "oh my god dad no shut up" they both laughed then her dad spoke "where is sweet pea then ?" she looked over at him "he's asleep at the moment but i'll pass a message if you want " he hummed a laugh "nice try Celestia , no wake him up but be careful he strikes like a viper when you wake him up " she laughed "nah he loves me to much gimme a second" he hummed in response as she held the phone to her ear and sat up and smirked looking at her boyfriend she yelled at the top of her lungs"HEY SWEET PEA WAKE THE FUCK UP"he sat upright abruptly and looked around panicked at his girlfriend "what the fuck Celestia" he frowned while she sat with a smirk on her face and said innocently while holding the phone out to him "my dad wants to talk to you he took the phone and glared at her slightly while she pouted and he mouthed "i'll get you back" but carried on with his conversation with his boss "hey boss what do you need ?" she couldn't hear what was being said on the other side so just brushed it off to go get food she slipped on one of sweet peas shirts and made her way to the kitchen to get some food she raided the cupboards and found some chocolate she had brought before and half a bottle of vodka until she felt an arm wrap around her waist she looked up to see sweet pea with his hand holding his phone to his ear still talking she kissed along his jaw while he closed his eyes trying not to moan while she smirked then he spoke "ok.. yeh ... i understand....i'll see you soon ok boss" and with that he hung up the phone putting it into his back pocket and wrapping his other arm around her

"baby don't tease me like that you know you make me weak" she giggled"i know thats why i do it " he smiled at her while she smiled back sadly "you gotta go haven't you ?" he nodded "well i gotta go back home anyway" she turned so she was no facing him her eyes meeting his "you want a ride?" sweet pea said she smirked "i would love one" she began seductively pulling at the waist band of her underwear while staring at sweet pea his eyes not leaving where her hand was going she stopped and looked at him "don't let me stop you damn baby" as he licked his lips she laughed "no you gotta go see my dad and your leaving me all hot and flustered " he pouted "hey i could call him back and tell him ten minutes " she smiled as she held his face "oh my god i love you" she kissed him "could you give me a ride to the wyrm anyway i left my bike there then i could drive myself home but i wanna say hi to my dad anyway" he nodded "thank you sweetie pie" he laughed "i love you too my baby"as he grabbed her face and they looked into each others eyes before Celestia received a text she picked up her phone and it was from Fp it said

Dad: let sweet pea get to work i know your holding him back

Celestia: lmao i'll send him right now if you don't believe me

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