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How Rainbows Were Made

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So, I had to write this for school and thought it was postable. Enjoy!

This is the story of how rainbows were made. This tale takes place in a far off time. It was much simpler and happier, especially for the unicorns. Back then they weren’t in hiding. They were able to frolic as they pleased. You see, they still exist; they just have to file their horns to blend in. That’s the reason why some horses have spots on their foreheads. Horn nubs.

            The unicorns were planning a huge festival to celebrate the summer solstice. They had been planning since mid December. The summer solstice was a very important event. It was the day where all the unicorns shed their horns and grew new ones. Every year they elected a head of the committee. This year it was Marigold. She was still young, but very talented.

            The week before the solstice Marigold was stepping out of her stable, getting ready to go pick up some supplies. Her fellow planners were meeting her at the field. The sun struck her caramel mane, highlighting the red streaks. She started to trot over to the field when something hit her side, pushing her off balance. As soon as she got up, she noticed her friend, Skylar, shaking herself off.

“Sky! Whatever are you doing?”

She was shocked to see Sky, as she was in charge of making sure the weather was perfect for the festivities.

“I finished early. I needed to talk to you, so here you are!”

“Well, I need to get to the main field, so talk while we trot.”


            They started walking towards the field. Skylar was picking at her blue coat with her hooves, getting splotches of mud off of it.

“So, we need to get something for the sky.”

“What type of something? More clouds? More birds? We don’t have time to place an order.”

“No. Not clouds or birds. We need something colorful.”

            Marigold stopped in a huff. She was very busy and didn’t have time for Sky’s games.

“Colorful? Like confetti?”

“No. Something big. Confetti is to small and messy.”

“Let’s ask the others. Maybe they can think of something.”

The resumed their trot to the field. Skylar thinking of what colors their big thing should be and Marigold thinking of what their big thing would be. As they reached the field they spotted the rest of the committee. They were all standing in a semicircle around the front of a large stage. The stage was for the performances on the solstice. It was fully decorated in streamers and sparkles.


Marigold started galloping towards the stage, a look of glee on her face. The other unicorns turned towards her and smiled.

“I’m glad you like it. It took all week to finish.”

That was Flora. She was in charge of the decorations. Next to her was Brilee. Brilee was in charge of the performances and scheduling. Next to her was Hannah-Beth. Hannah-Beth was in charge of the food for the day. All of them had been chosen for different reasons, the most important of which being they all had amazing creativity.

“It’s amazing. Give me the report girls. We have a week to pull this together.”

“Well, as you can see, the stage is set. We have some different bands coming to perform. Also, Hannah-Beth has found some people to do the cooking from some of her recipes. We are all good.”

            At this point Sky butted in.

“Not all good.”

“Why not?”

            The entire group turned to look at her, very puzzled.

“Because, we need something colorful for the sky. Not confetti. It’s too messy. It needs to be big.”

            They all stood there thinking for a few minutes, all wondering what they could use. Suddenly, Hannah-Beth spoke up.

“My grandmother knows some dragons in the caves. I’m pretty sure they could give us a spell for something. Maybe a multi-colored cloud?”

“Hannah! That sounds like the perfect place!”

            Marigold trotted over to Hannah-Beth and nudged her in a hug. Brilee was looking up at the caves on the mountains. She had a worried look on her face.

“It’s a really rough hike up there.”

“Don’t worry. We can do it. It’s the only thing we need for the party.”

            Skylar was very happy and her happiness rubbed off on the others. They stood around the stage, planning how they would get up there. Eventually they agreed that they would go get their horseshoes on for hiking, as well as their water packs and some oats. It was a long hike.

            They meet up at the trail to the caves. It was rocky and not well traveled, seeing as not many people visited the dragons. As they started off, they stumbled a lot. After a bit, they got accustomed to the terrain. A few hours later, they reached the caves.

The first thing they noticed was the smell. It was putrid, yet nice. It was a mix of sulfur and baking cookies. That was the smell of the dragons. Their scales were hard to clean; therefore they got crumbs stuck in them. The unicorns scrunched up their noses at the scent, but persevered. After a few minutes of trotting, they saw the dragons.

            They were standing in front of a book. It was large and ornate. Gold leaf encircled it all around.  The dragons were whispering around the book. Their scales were shimmering in many different colors. They turned to the unicorns and started to speak.

“We have been expecting you.”

“How did you know we were coming?”

“We have our ways. Now, you need a spell. Something colorful and big. Am I right?”

“Yes. We have no clue on what to use.”

“I think I have something. Azogorn, fetch the other book.”

One of the smallest of the three ran off to the shelf in the corner of the room. It pulled a smaller book from the shelf. It was bound in a shimmering fabric that flowed and budged like it was in the wind.”


“Thank you Azogorn.”

            The dragons went over to the steaming cauldron. They plucked a scale from a bucket. It was obviously one of their own scales. After a few minutes of adding pinches of this and that, the caldron let out a big cloud of colored gas. They fetched a large bottle from the shelf and put a large ladleful in it. They put a crystal cork on top and handed it to Skylar.

            “On the day of the solstice, take this bottle and mix it with rain water. Sprinkle it throughout the sky. It will be big and very colorful.”

            They gave the dragons their thanks and started down the mountain. Skylar admired the bottle. The colors in it ranged all across the spectrum. She was looking forward to the effect.

            On the day of the solstice everyone was very excited. The festivities were amazing. The food was delicious. Everyone was free of his or her horns. They were celebrating like there was no tomorrow. Skylar was waiting for the signal. Marigold nodded at her and she shot up in the sky, holding the spray bottle filled with the mixture in her mouth.

She let loose, spraying the clouds like she would a misbehaving cat. The sky filled with a wet smell. Then suddenly, streaks of color began to appear. They were in arches of colors, so big and bright. Everyone on the ground gasped in awe. Tiny droplets of leftover rainbow fell on them, and their horns started to grow. They were in so many different colors. Everyone agreed that it was the best summer solstice ever.

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