Kim Dao

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Kim Dao is one of the most successful YouTubers in the country. She has a huge following on her YouTube channels. She has two YouTube channels and has over 380,000 subscribers on her main channel.

Kim Dao started from a scratch and managed to earn a great viewership by unique and fresh content. She focuses on sharing real trends with her viewers, she talks about the latest fashion and makeup trends in Japan. Her main channel is called 'kimdao'. She has another called at KimDaoVlog. She vlogs on the second channels and shares her day to day life with the viewers.

Kim Dao traveled to Japan for the first time in 2011. She made videos to record memories and planned to start a YouTube channel. Kim Dao has been working with multiple companies.

Moreover, Kim Dao has worked with numerous travel companies in Japan like Odigo Travel. She has appeared on many television shows including Tokyo Extra (TBS), NHK World Tokyo Eyen and NHK Nagoya | Omotenashi Chubu.

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