Proposal; Devin Booker

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Devin's P.O.V.

I sighed nervously, looking down at the 14 carat engagement ring in my hand that I'd had with me all week. I bought it two weeks ago, when I officially decided that I wanted to propose to my girlfriend of 4 years, Emily.
It never seemed like the right time to do it, not to mention we had been arguing a bit more before we came to L.A.
I've just been punking out ever since I got the ring and making excuses. I finally decided to propose at the all star game tonight, and I've been nervous as hell since.
What if she says front of all those people?
I had to push those thoughts out and go with it.
Tyson patted my back and sat next to me.
"You ready for this?"

I nodded.
"Yeah. Of course I am. Emily is the love of my life man. I can't let another day go by and she doesn't have my ring on her finger."

Tyler stood in front of me and chuckled.
"Devin Booker man. I never thought I'd see the day someone had you so whipped that you'd propose."

"Shut up Tyler. I need to get ready. You guys know what your doing?"

They nodded.

I smiled.
"Thank you guys for coming up to L.A. with me and helping me out with this."

"We got your back man." Tyson nodded. "Everything's going to work out."

I hope it does.

Emily's P.O.V.

I sighed as I sat inside the hotel room about to get ready for the all star game in which my boyfriend Devin was playing for the first time.
He had wanted this opportunity for so long, the fact that I got to be a part of it was amazing to me.
I looked down at my phone to see that I haven't gotten any texts from him today. In fact, he had been acting weird all week. More nervous and impatient than usual, I just pinned it on the All star game and thought today he was just busy at practice. It was 6'o clock and I started to get ready, as I wanted to see Devin before the game. I showered and washed my hair, as I came out of the bathroom with my robe on, there was a knock on the door. I raised an eyebrow and looked into the peephole to see Tyson and Tyler, Devin's teammates, at the door.

I raised an eyebrow, tightened my robe, and opened the door.
"Hey..guys..what are you doing here?"

"We're here to deliver something to you Ms. Booker." Tyler smiled.

I chuckled at the fact that they used Devin's last name.

Tyson pulled out a long, black bag that encased an outfit in it.
I raised an eyebrow.
"Is this a dress or.."

"That's for you to find out." Tyler winked.

I smiled.
"Is this from Devin?"

They didn't respond, instead Tyler cleared his throat and turned to Tyson.
"Do you have the other thing?"

Tyson felt in his pockets and gasped.
"Shit! I don't."

Tyler slapped his head.
"What do you mean you don-"

Tyson pulled out a black jewelry case and pushed Tyler.
"I was kidding. This is for you too Em."

I gasped and looked down at the two gifts.

"Make sure you wear it to the game tonight. We'll be waiting downstairs to drive you to the game."

I smiled and chuckled.
"Okay. I'll be down shortly."

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