My Forest

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Chapter one

Hello, my name is Vince, simple as that. The last few months have been... enlightening to say the least. I would love to share the story with you, especially about my first flight. Oh... I just might have said too much. So as I was saying, my story is the usual classic, man meets world, man learns about something, then man saves the world.

Vague... I know, but I can tell you right now where this all started... About three months ago... not entirely sure about the times... I have been busy... I was driving to the corner store about... ten miles from my house near the forest. Cannot remember if it was for milk or just eggs... but as I was saying, I was driving along in my pickup, without a care in the world. The next moment has been the pivotal point of my life. A wolf ran across the road, darting from the forest. He was a magnificent beast, grey, black, and white, a perfect predator of the forest. I swerved just in time to save him from getting run over by my tone and a half of truck. I stopped on the side of the road to calm down after that near accident.

Then the oddest thing happened... The wolf stopped also, on the other side of the road, opposite of the forest and just stared... right at me... eye to eye. I stared in return, neither scared nor, oddly, surprised at his mannerisms. He gave a nod, such a human thing that I just blinked. When my eyes opened I saw him running back into the forest, taking a wide detour around the stopped truck. I started the engine and drove back onto the road and headed to the corner store.

I came in and nodded to Frank behind the counter with a smile and headed to get what I came here for. I was minding my own business when this man, dressed in Indian shamanistic clothing, came up to me and spoke in a rough voice, choked with cigar smoke, "You have seen the wolf... He told me about you... Vince."

I raised my eyebrow at the man and sighs, "How did you know sir?"

"The wolf... the black, grey, and white wolf you swerved to avoid as he came running out of the forest. He has spoken with me. He thanks you and would like to thank you in person in the upcoming... days... Do not be afraid of your dreams tonight Vince. You will know in time." He spoke, his tone, not entirely threatening; yet full of wisdom of his... visually sixty odd years.

I stepped back from him, a bit... surprised at his accuracy of what happened not just twenty minutes prior, "You have been watching me... What am I to you? What am I to the wolf?" I asked a bit nervously.

The shaman smiles and just nods, "You are the answer to the animals of the forest. Go home and dream."

I just shook my head and walked around the man, "What ever Shaman... Thank you for your... wisdom I guess." I headed to the checkout and looked to Frank, "What is with his story Frank?"

Frank just sighs, "I do not know... He has been around the past couple of days. He's a wanderer though... Do not take his words to heart."

"I will not... Here's the three, forty seven I owe you for the bread and eggs..."

"Thank you and have a good night, it is getting late now."

I look outside and blinks, "Where has the day gone?" I ask to myself out loud as I head out to my pickup.

Twenty minutes later, I arrived at my small cottage by the forest. I smiled as I drove up the small stoned driveway towards a sparsely furnished home of refuge. I loved it here, basic cable, and no internet. Just the woods to explore and camp out in from time to time. I parked and headed inside and placed the eggs and bread into the fridge. I grabbed a coke and headed to my chair in front of the TV. I sat down and turned on the TV to the news. The usual... war... famine... Obama's recent speech. I was not interested in any of that, it was far away from my home.