Chapter 34 | The Situation

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Walking into the Olympian Throne Room was probably the most nerve-wracking thing we have ever done. We have fought in so many wars. Many of them started with small reasons and ended with big consequences. In the planet, Reizo, the two kingdoms had a war because one kingdom forgot to close their doors. Apparantly, this was an insult to the other kingdom. Taking offense, the kingdom declared war on the other; a deadly fight put forth for years until we stopped it. Sometimes, we can be peace talkers too. One other planet was a delusion planet. Lucin, was the name. Oh, it was horrible. The civilians were fighting off the natural inhabitats, the Lucinians. They're like the Sirens but more deadly. All our biggest regrets and deepest desires were shown to all of us. It was the only planetary war we vowed to never bring up in any conversation.

But actually reliving those visions we had in that planet, doesn't seem bad than where we are now.

Unlike my sector members, I tried looking around subtly. I saw Zeus, in his arrogant stance once again. Beside him was the infamous bitter queen, Hera. I saw the airhead Apollo looking directly at the conservative goddess of wisdom, Athena. Aphrodite appears to have no clue what was going on. Ironically, Poseidon is absent inbthis meeting but I do not want to dwell on that. The other gods were just staring down on us as if looking for a competition.

Even though, it has been 10 years since I saw any of them, I certainly did not miss them.

Except for one...

M'lady Artemis. She was in her twelve year old self. But there was sonething different with her normally calm and collected expression; this one shows worry. I tried looking for any familiar hunter but there was no one around. I guess they were in another mission, which explains milady's expression.

Although, I haven't seen any of the hunters, I did see the familar blonde princess curls tied up in a pony tail. This led me to look back to my sector to see how they were holding up.

I could see it took Luke's everything to say the name of our sector; he was afraid they might recognize his voice. From the corner of my eye I could see Percy with his eyes closed. He doesn't need to worry about being aware of his surroundings, he can feel the presence of the water molecules in the air. Although with two members of the Beta Sector doing their hardest to avoid seeing something, I could see Bianca trying to look around; specificaly for one person, her brother. I couldn't say I wasn't half amused with the irony of the situation though.

Zeus' voice brought me out of my thoughts. "L-lord Chaos, we thank you for this help."he said. He sounded strained, like he can't comprehend that someone sent help. What else can you expect from a prideful God such as himself.

Of course, Chaos noticed it too. His face hardened, "You will need it. These soldiers are important in my army and to risk bringing them here, you should show atleast an ounce of sincere gratitude to all of them."

Zeus was about to retort but Hera placed a hand above his. She smiled at Lord Chaos, "We are thankful, lord Chaos. My sincere apologies on how my husband has reacted. It has been a full week and it has taken its toll on him."

Chaos was silent for few seconds before sighing. "You will need your full attention in this war. Even with my warriors here, it will be much more difficult than the earlier ones."

He glanced towards the demigods near the Olympians. I followed his gaze to see both familiar and unfamiliar faces. A few of them were wearing purple shirts with SPQR on it. They were obviously from the other demigod camp. Camp Jupiter. Chaos gave them a warm smile before turning back to the Olympians.

His expression remained solemn. "And a little tip: End will use anything and anyone...for the universe that he aspires to build. Do not let him get to you."he says firmly, looking at us and the half-bloods in front.

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