Winter Schnee x Single Father Reader

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A/n: This is requested by batmanbeyondis , sorry if it's not that good, still trying to get back into writing but I do hope you enjoyed it.

No One POV

You were currently finishing up some paperwork you had for General Ironwood. You just had finished an operation in the outskirts of Atlas in which you were assigned to go with a small group of soldiers and find a Highly Ranked member of the Whitefang that was supposed to have close ties to Adam Taurus, another Whitefang member but one that was Wanted the most in Atlas and Vale. The past recent operations have been a big toll on you, you were always on the move and on alert but the constant work had started to be very stressful for you but you tried your best not to show any emotional signs that the stress has been started to take a toll on you and not show any signs of weakness and be on your best for your fellow comrades. Along with this, this gave you very little time to be with your family and you were always worried about them since you lived outside of atlas and in the snowy countryside forest. There wasn't really any sign that the Whitefang was lingering around the area in which your house resided but lately with the Whitefang activity going around, there was certainly a possibility some would later be near the area you live. Besides you always worrying about your family safety, you were always glad when you did get to go back and stay at your house with your family which was something you were about to do once you finished up your report for General Irondwood. After getting it done, you put everything away and took hold of the picture frame on the corner on your desk which was of you, your wife (W/n), and your son (S/n), all smiling together after building a snowman.

"Can't wait to see you two." You told yourself. As you put the picture back in place, you heard a knock outside your door. "Please come in." You told to who was ever knocking and as they came in, it turned out to be non other than, Winter Schnee. Specialist in the Atlas Special Operatives Unit like you and a member of the Schnee family. When promoted to Specialists, she was taken under your wing for her to train and also to be of any service and help that you need with, which was something that you really appreciated from Winter.

"Ahh, Ms. Schnee. What could I help you with?" She greeted you like always and said. "Sorry to interrupt you (Y/n). And like always, you can drop the formalities and simply call me Winter."

"Yes Winter. What can I help you with?"

"I was simply wondering if you were ready to come with me and give our reports to general ironwood?" She told you. "Yes, in fact I am ready. Let's get going before it's gets late." She simply nodded to your response and you both went on your way.


You both left the office of Ironwood and were about to leave for a day until winter had stopped you and asked you something.

"Hey (Y/n), I've wanted to ask you if you wanted to go to have a cup of coffee and talk? I've noticed lately that you've been working so hard and it's starting to show the toll it's taking on you even if you try your best not to show it. That's if you have some time to spare, I know you want to get back to your family right away and I understand if you decline." She simply stared at you waiting for your response, you took a glance at your watch and noticed it was still a little early and having a cup of coffee with Winter wouldn't hurt.

"Hehehe, damn. Ever since we both met, you could always read my mind. I guess I didn't do my best trying to hide my stress haha." You simply chuckled at how Winter could always know if something was going on with you.

"To answer your question Winter, sure I would love to, it's still a little early outside and the sun is still out so I don't see the reason why not to." She smiled at your response and both of you went on your way to the nearest coffee shop.

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