Chapter 4

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QOTD: If you could take back one thing in your life what would it be?

QOTD: If you could take back one thing in your life what would it be?

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Kasey bumped my hip with hers as we walked down the grand halls. "Cheer up girly. What's got you so glum?"

I shrugged aimlessly and hoisted my bag further upon my shoulder. "I just didn't sleep well last night."

"Oh god, me neither," She sighed in her own pity. "Josh called me while I was in the bath and dear lord that boy has a mouth. The things he said were unbelievable and he hung up because he needed to go to class. No, sit your ass down and wait till I finish."

My nose wrinkled in disgust. I wouldn't have minded if Josh weren't a good friend of mine. "Keep that to yourself."

"You know I wouldn't always tell you as much as I do if you would just tell me a little about your sex life."

Rolling my eyes lightly I shook my head. "If I did have a sex life, not saying that I do, I wouldn't tell you a thing about it because you can't keep your mouth shut."

"Hey- I can. I just chose not to."

Choosing to ignore the obvious lie I stopped in front of Elijah's classroom door and let my eyes scan over the paper. "Auditorium E." It was very vague but gave enough instructions.

"Ahh, good ol' auditorium E. You know Kenny?"

"The one with never ending acne?"

She waved me off as we continued our journey. "He didn't have acne back in freshman year. We did it so many times in-"

"Nope, what did I say?" Throughout all my protests she went on to tell me all about their daring adventures in "good ol' auditorium E".

Opening the door nothing was heard but the creak of the door. "I thought you said you knew where it was."

Her eyebrows scrunched together in confusion. "I could've sworn this was it. Or maybe it was B we did it in? Maybe F?" I checked the time on my phone anxiously. It took us this much time to find the wrong auditorium and we were already late. Kasey didn't seem to mind in the slightest. "They should really label things around here."

Tugging her hand in mine I dragged her back up the stairs.

Fifteen minutes.

It took us fifteen minutes to find the damn auditorium.

"Ladies, nice of you to finally join us." His voice echoed off the circular walls and I grimaced hurriedly finding a seat to distract myself from the attention. "See me after class." Kasey side glanced me and did what I think was a wink. Perhaps she had too much mascara on. "As I was saying before we had several other students transfer into this class and the previous classroom we were located in is too small. From now on this is where we will be meeting, on time." He gazed at us pointedly.

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