Chapter:15 ~ Problems (Part I)

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Ariana's POV:

'This new girl is pain in my ass.', Max scoffed in anger.

'Do you even seem to understand the whole situation? It's a good news if you are not a gay.', Emily chuckled.

'Oh yeah... You find it very funny! Don't you?', Max said angrily.

'Hahahahaha....', Matt laughed looking at his phone.

'Someone important than us?', Emily asked raising her eyebrow to Matt.

'It's just a mail and I am laughing because a gay is nervous to share his rental apartment with this new girl.', Matt teased Max.

'Guys, she is a bitch.', Max said putting his head in his palm.

'No! She is not.', Matt said laughing.

'You know her?', Emily scoffed.

'Baby relax. We work in the same office. He has already told me everything. You will be impressed to know what she did to make our friend this much irritated.', Matt says looking at Max who seemed to be pretty much pissed.

'Did she dance naked? Is she a lesbian? Or....did you...', Emily elbowed Max who raised an eyebrow at her making her wrinkle her nose.

'You have a pretty big imagination going on in your mind.', Max said making a funny face.

'Wait. It's 5:35 am. Why are you looking as if you are going on a date? I remember, I didn't ask you out to make Xavier jealous.', Max asked looking at me.

'Oh! I made her wear this because I don't want his ex-husband to live in peace just because he is married and my Ariana not.', Emily scoffed.

'Oh my God! You are making my girlfriend look hot.', Max said to Emily.

'Baby, don't change the topic. Tell us about Sara, half-owner of your rental apartment.', Emily patted on his cheek.

'You want to know. Okay. Listen to it then... She wanted to prank me but it ended on my boss. Mrs. Collins and some of my colleagues had come for an important assignment at my home which was my idea and it was the first time I could possibly impress her. But Miss Sara....that bitch... had placed bubble wrap around the rim of the toilet seat and when my boss went to do her business.... They... burst. Everyone basically laughed until we get to know that it was not our boss but the bubble wraps. She is so annoyed to me.', Max revealed being angry.

I tried to hold my laugh but Emily and Matt burst out laughing. Matt fell down from the sofa holding his stomach.

'This is the reason I am impressed with her. Mrs. Collins is an annoying and asshole person and I am happy as she get through this embarrassment.', Matt said controlling his laughter.

'But what did you do to make her plan this prank?', I asked covering my face to hide my laughter.

'He saw her naked.', Matt laughed looking at him.

'What?', Emily asked widening her eyes and ended up laughing.

'It was NOT intentional.', Max said calming his nerves.

'Does she have big ones?', Emily teased him.

'I didn't know who is going to be my rent sharing partner. I just get to my house and she ended up in front of my eyes....without clothes. I want to know who wonder in house all naked.', Max pointed his finger to Emily.

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