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Ever since the night Draco said those words, Estella had not stopped thinking about him. A few sentences were what made her heart skip a few more beats than normal. A few sentences were what made her hurriedly excuse herself in that moment, leaving the boy standing there confused. A few sentences were what kept her up each night. A few sentences were what clouded her brain every second of the day. A few sentences were what made her turn the opposite direction each time she saw the platinum haired boy. A few sentences changed everything and Estella Raney did not know how to handle it.

The day had finally arrived when the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students were to arrive at Hogwarts. The entire school was preparing for the arrival which seemed to mean that everyone was twice as hectic.

Estella, Cedric, and Padma were on their way to the great hall, talking about the event that was about to take place.

"I think just to be funny, you should put a fake name in the goblet," Padma suggested.

"The goblet will know it's fake. Besides, I'm not tempering my chances in any way," said Cedric.

"Then I'll put a fake name in the goblet," Padma stated.

"The goblet will know you're underage," noted Cedric.

"I'm sure there's a counter-spell that can gain me access," Padma suggested.

"Do you really think that Professor Dumbledore would allow that to happen?" Cedric asked.

"It's worth a try," said Padma.

"Estella, you haven't said a word all night. Are you feeling well?" Asked Cedric.

"Oh yes, I'm okay. I'm just a little tired," Estella answered.

"Still thinking about what Draco told you?" Padma teased.

"No!" Estella exclaimed.

"What did Draco tell you?" Cedric asked.

"Nothing-" Estella started.

"-just that he would give her the universe!" Padma interrupted.

"He didn't say the universe!" defended Estella.

"Then what did he say?" Cedric asked again.

"We were just talking about our friendship-"

"-Friends don't give each other universes" 

"You're right Padma, I'm still waiting on mine from you. Now shut it."

"Anyways, I was joking about finding a Durmstrang boy and we were teasing about who would be better for me. Then Draco just...offered me the stars." Estella explained. She felt her heart beat faster again.

"Just the stars? I think you should actually go for someone that will give you the universe," Cedric replied cheekily.

"You two are unbelievable," Estella said with a chuckle.

Once the three arrived, they started to make their ways to their tables. For the first time in weeks, Estella was successfully stopped by Draco. Estella felt her heart race again. She couldn't be rude to him and just continue walking. She had already let him know that he had caught her attention.

"Estella, can we talk?" Draco asked with pleading eyes.

"I uh-" Estella started but was interrupted by Professor Dumbledore telling students to take their seats.

"Later?" Estella asked.

"Sure," Draco nodded.

Estella had managed to avoid the boy at all costs and even though the start of the ceremony had saved her that time, she still set herself up for confrontation.

"Did he ask you to marry him?" Padma asked when Estella sat down.

"Yes, the ceremony is at dawn tomorrow in Venice," Estella replied.

"You two couldn't wait until after breakfast?"

Once the ceremony was over, Estella grabbed Padma's arm and attempted to make a clean getaway. They were successful in getting out of the great hall but the next task was to rummage through the crowd to get to the Ravenclaw common room. While scurrying, the two were stopped by Hermione.

"Estella! Padma! I just wanted to thank you two so much for joining SPEW. The fight for elf rights is off to a great start!"

"Of course, Hermione!" Estella said rushed. Peeking over the curly haired girl, she saw Draco looking around.

"I feel that since we have guests now, more people will join the the club-" Hermione started.

"I'm sorry, Hermione, but Padma is really sick and I need to get her to bed. We can talk more tomorrow?" Said Estella.

"Oh of course, but shouldn't you be taking her to Madam Pomfrey?" Hermione asked as the two girls took off.

"No! She'll be alright!" Estella called over her shoulder.

"I'm sick? Who knew the runaway bride was also a liar," Padma pointed out.

When the girls got back to the common room and had settled down, Estella noticed that she had received a letter. She opened it and instantly knew it was from Remus.

Dear Estella,
I am doing quite well, thank you for your concern. I cannot continue writing without apologizing for not visiting you and your mother this summer. Like you said, it was busy and quite hectic for me as well. I will visit your mother at your request. Seeing a familiar face will also do my old heart some good. As for your class, I do miss teaching and all of the students. I'm sure this new teacher will do a better job than me. Give him time. You've always been a bright kid, Estella. You know how to make the right decisions. You have the heart of your father. You have the potential for great things not only this school year but for life. I've known it from the start. After all, the moon danced with the stars on the night you were born.

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