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"So you guys are neighbors, what's the big deal?" I ask, leaning against the side of the monkey bars as I watch him pace around the playground tower.

There is a small park you can cross if you're making your way to the freshman parking lot (the worst parking lot, by the way, and another reason why I prefer biking), it's not that big and some students come here to eat their lunch when the weather is nice. Today the weather is not, in fact, nice, the sun is high in the sky warming up even though we're still in the middle of January, and while the wind is trying to cool things down the metal of the playground is threatening to burn through the fabric of my shirt and sear my skin.

Ethan sighs, taking off his glasses as he sits down on one of the slide, resting his elbow on top of a handle and pressing the back of his hand against his forehead.

"We're not neighbors anymore."

"Then what's the problem again?"

He looks at me like he wants to say something and to be honest, him without the glasses adds a certain edge to his face that makes me go: woah, man, he could get it. But am I gonna say anything about it, or acknowledge it? Nah.

"Never mind about it."

"Oh fuck off, tell me or we'll never get your stupid key and you won't get off my case." If I had something at hand, I'd throw it at him, I hate when someone looks like they're going to tell me something before telling you to forget it. Like, why build up to it? You're probably not going to say something that interesting anyways and you're just going to disappoint me like your parents, Jeremy.

"Andrew, I mean Anna, might have kissed me when we were in middle school, and I might have or not rejected her."

"So she was your girlfriend."

"No, we never dated, it was just something that happened— I don't know."

"So, why is this important?"

"I don't know. You asked how we know each other, we used to be neighbors and she kissed me once. Then she moved downtown and we went to different schools after that." He puts on his glasses, as if having them on will somehow make this any clearer than it should be, although that might be true for his vision.

"You don't think that this is all some sort of plan to get revenge on you, right?" I ask, looking down at my phone, Diane texted me something about going to my house later, but I haven't answered yet.

"Do you think so?"

"No, that'd be freaking stupid." And too much like the plot of some cheap soap opera, "no one holds on to grudges that long and what happened was a long time ago, besides she has a boyfriend now. What did she tell you when you guys talked after the meeting?"

I was too busy talking to Carlos and Ophelia about a class we have together to care about Ethan's key.

Ethan shrugs, pushing himself forwards and thus sliding down the slide.

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