Chapter 12: First Two Date

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Sky's POV:

" She already accepted me!" I mind-link Xander, Shine, Darylle, Xaria, Trevor, Kyle, and Jaden the moment Danielle left my room.

" WHAT!!! CONGRATS DUDE!!!" they all mind-link me back.


I was sitting near my window when I heard a knock I thought it was just one of my pack so I didn't mind it. I didn't want to talk to anyone that time.

I kept thinking of Danielle who gave me a weak smile and I smiled back well more like an weak/ sad smile and why did she gave me a weak smile I mean she didn't talk to me for like a whole week but atleast and the way she go crazy in the rain she was just... everything! I can't actually say the right word.

My thoughts were interrupted when someone called my name and to my surprise it was Danielle. I apologize for not opening and offer her a sit but she refuse.

" uhm Listen I wanted to tell you I'm sorry and I'm so stupid for telling to stay away from me I never thought that I was hurting you and everyone else and I didn't realize that until this morning." she said.

I was shocked when I heard that but eventually I smiled and the way she called my name it just send sparks down through my spine

" No it's ok! I understand and I too am sorry for scaring you!" I said.

she smiled back at me " so were friends?"

I nodded " just friends?" I asked myself looking down so she wouldn't see me blush

" You know Knight is right! even though I had bad experience in boys that doesn't mean that I should stop trusting them and Yes! I would like to know you more better " she kinda blush but she looks cute when she blushing

I looked up to her with very wide eye and smile. " Really! so you're accepting me ?" I said making sure that I heard it right. She nodded and smile for approval. I came rushing towards her and just hug her, sparks that tingles me when I hugged her feelings were just like fireworks.

" Look I'm cool if you guys are werewolves and you have wolf law or whatever you called that but I just want you to know that I'm still kinda confuse on this mate thing and I'm still not use to it so if you could just.... " I cut her

" I Understand! and Thank you for accepting us!" I smiled.

( End of Flashback)

I can still say that I'm so happy and I'm excited for tomorrow can't wait. I tuck myself in bed and let my dreams take over me.

Danielle's POV:

I wake up like six in the morning and I wanted to go back but I couldn't it's like something's pulling me away from my bed. After shower I decided to have a little walk and to my surprise I was Sky going outside guess I'm not the only person who is up.

" What are you doing this early in the morning?" he smiled and geez I couldn't stop staring at his cute smile.

" Well something's pulling me away from my bed so I decided to have a walk!" I smiled back.

" Can I join you?" he said shyly

I nodded and smile well I can use that moment to know him better. Sky and I walk through the park asking question, telling someting about ourself and I assure I felt safe around him and I also like him as a company he is very sweet and very caring.

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