Chapter 11: Reject to Perfect

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Danielle's POV:

It was about a week since I told Sky to stay away from me but when I saw his reaction I felt bad and I felt like my heart was shot by an arrow I don't why and I always felt like half me is missing.

We were about to head to the cafeteria when I told them that I would have to go to the girl's restroom they nodded and left.

I went inside the restroom and I saw a brunette girl about our age and she was crying she didn't notice that I was standing infront of her until I ask her if she's alright. She looked at me and she was beautiful, her sea green eyes were just amazing she was wearing a nerdy glasses but she was too beautiful for being a nerd.

" I'm Danielle! What's your name?" I asked as I reach my hand " I'm Brier" she replied as she shaked my hands. " You could tell me maybeI can help you!" I said.

She shook her head " No! it's ok! you wouldn't understand anyway!" she said as she looked down. I wanna help her I don't why but I wanted to I have this feeling that I must help her.

She look up at me and gave me a weak smile " Look! I'm sorry I didn't me to offend you!" she said. " No it's ok! but actually I had this weird feeling that I must help you!" I said.

I was hoping that she would say yes and I hope she would agree. I didn't know why but there is something about this girl that I felt I would love about her and this stupid gut feeling of mine.

She smile at me " Ok! but I need to tell you something first and please don't say that I'm weird or I'm crazy" she said. " Wait don't tell me that your a werewolf!" I teased. but I didn't know why I've said that.

Her eyes widen and I guess I was right I was shocked and I still can't believe that I met a new wolf. " Oh My Gosh!" I smiled. She got confused with my reaction so I told her that I may know something about wolves and I assure her that their secret is save with me.

She couldn't believe at first but I guess she have no choice so she told me about what happen to her and I couldn't believe that her mate rejected her. I never thought about how they felt when their mate doesn't trust them and didn't want them.

I suddenly remember Sky and how I told them how he should stay away from me and now I understand and I felt bad I'm a horrible person I never thought I was hurting him and I felt guilty for saying that to him.

I told her to stay put and I'm just gonna get some help so I rush through the cafeteria to find Xaria and Shine.

I spotted them eating of course approaching them my eyes laid on Sky and his eyes also lay on me. I didn't know how to reaction I'm such a stupid person I was hurting him all along and I didn't know that I'm such a selfish person. I just gave him a weak smile and I didn't know why but there's a part of me wanting and hoping that he would smile back and my wish is granted he smiled back but it's kinda sad/ weak smile.

Darylle was about to say hi but I cut by saying that I need Xaria and Shine they got confused so I told it was kinda girl talk emergency which is but they kept giving this akward stare so I drag Xaria and Shine to the restroom where Brier is.

Brier told Xaria and Shine the story and both of them couldn't believe what they are hearing all their live they never encounter someone getting rejectes by his or her mate.

Shine have a brilliant idea she told us the plan and we all agree we'll show them who they are messing with and whoever that guy is well his gonna be sorry for rejecting her. Brier didn't tell us who is her mate because she felt so embarass and we three respect that.

After the talking and planning we heard the bell rang and of course back to the classroom but before Shine could go out I pull her inside to talk about her brother. I told her that I finally realize that I'm a stupid person for hurting his brother and I really am so sorry about that and everything.

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